Feb 252013

Don’t tell Miss Terry, because I don’t want to disillusion her of the notion, but I really don’t know everything there is to know about everything in the world. There are a lot of things I just don’t understand.

I tried to watch the Daytona 500 yesterday, but after fifteen minutes of watching rednecks driving fast and turning left, I got bored. If you’re a NASCAR fan, I’m glad you enjoy it, but I’m sorry, I don’t understand the attraction.

Have you ever noticed that people always drop their trash in the front of the campground dumpster instead of making the tiny bit of extra effort to toss it to the rear? Pretty soon it’s so full in the front that the lid won’t close all the way, and the back half is still empty. Why is that? How much harder is it to throw stuff to the back?

Here’s another one I don’t understand. This outfit has built an indoor RV park in North Dakota. You can pull your rig in, have full hookups, and not have to deal with weather. All it takes is a lot of money. Would you pay $1,000+ a month to live inside a garage in your RV? I understand that they are up in the oil patch where separating the workers from their big salaries is a way of life, but I just don’t see this going nationwide.

I don’t understand people who push their dogs around in baby carriages. I know you call it your furkid, but it’s a dog. God gave it four perfectly good legs and then you steal its dignity. Why is that? Somebody said they do it because when they go to the store or to a flea market, its easier than trying to keep it on a leash. Here’s an idea, leave it home! Hell, I was a real kid once and my parents didn’t feel the need to haul me around with them everywhere they went! Of course, they also taught me not to pee on the floor or chew on the furniture while they were gone.

Something else I don’t understand is why people feel the need to post everything they do on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. “Stopping at Starbucks.” “Back in the car, driving to work.” “Having lunch at Olive Garden.” Trust me, nobody cares! Your life’s not that interesting.

And why are ten year old kids texting? Why do they even have a cell phone? What do they have to say? Their lives are even less interesting than their parents I wrote about above.

These are just some of the things that confuse me. I could write more, but I need to get on Facebook and let folks know I just finished writing my blog.

Thought For The Day – Marriage may be made in heaven, but the maintenance must be done here on earth.

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  21 Responses to “Stuff I Don’t Understand”

  1. My feeling is that anybody who doesn’t accept my furkids just as they would my flesh and blood children is no friend of mine. I have two yorkies and they mean as much to me as my son and daughter. And NO I never left my kids at home alone either!

  2. If I were unfortunate enough to be up in ND in the winter,and I could aford it,I would opt to get out of those elements. There arent a whole lot of cozy places in those boom towns. I think i’d worry about emissions or a fire though for sure.

  3. Yes we love our dog and our cats very much, but pushing them around in a stroller, no way. We got a real kick out of watching people doing that in Quartzsite this year. Keep up the great blog.

  4. We talked about the dumpster people didn’t we Nick? Still see it @ TTO, dumpsters often overfill often but the space in the rear of the bin is the best kept secret there is.

  5. Ditto Nick!

  6. NIck, Iearned that I’m not Kari’s friend today. Sorry, but those yorkies (also known as yappers) are NOT kids, theyre dogs!

  7. I agree with all, especilly those who think their little “barking cats” are children not pets. I also dont understand why so may of US have to stop everything to see what Nick has to tell us about his life every morning. But…

  8. Hesselbart you crack me up !!!!

  9. My little man is a 16 year old doll who has begun to lose control of his hind end and drags himself so I do put him in a puppy buggy. And yes I take him to the store or wherever I go because I know he does yip and cry when I’m out of his site. So instead of having people complain like you have said you do I take him with me so he dont bother the neighbors.

  10. did you ever stop to think that maybe its none of your damn business what other people do?? What does it bother you if I throw my trash in the front or back as long as I don’t leave it on my site? And what do you care if I push my dog in a cart or carry it in a backpack as long as I don’t let it shit in your yard? Geesh get a life!

  11. Hilarious!
    I’ll be careful to always put my trash at the back of the dumpster for sure!
    Looked at that website for the indoor RV park (Storage Barn)
    Quite the view out your window isn’t it?
    Have a great day, Nick!

  12. Spend just one month of a winter in ND & you will know why an Indoor RV Park is a good idea especially for folks who are not accustomed to below zero temperatures for weeks.

  13. Here’s an idea.Put the dog in the back of the dumpster.Hey….just kidding.I don’t want to upset the rabid owners of multiple pets who are spending their twilight years walking around picking up dog poop.

  14. I don’t understand why people cannot put their shopping carts either back in the store or in the spots designated to hold them. We always move them to appropriate places on our way into the store but sometimes you can’t take care of all of them. I have seen them within 10′ of where they belong. Maybe the store that charges you 25 cents to use a cart and then when it is returned properly the money is returned to you have the right idea.

  15. ROFL because I agree with so many of your misunderstandings. . .seriously!

    as a Park Host, I’m even more puzzled by the guests who bring their trash bags all the way down to the dumpster, and then set it on the ground in front. . .huh?

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  16. Watch it Steve or Kari is going to “unfriend” you.

  17. LOL! We want to stop the world and it is spinning around us. About the indoor units in ND. I am from that state. Trust me…any relief from the winter wind that never stops and the -50 degree wind chill at times is a PLUS! If those workers can enjoy a good nights rest in a comfortable environment, they’ll pay the price rather than battle the harsh environment in a tin can. There is no RV on the market that withstand the minus temps–I don’t care how many straw bales are used. I am someone who likes FB because I am not interested in “friending” more than those I consider my true friends. Therefore, I don’t have to put up with political rants or trivia. We exchange photos and share our lives–oh wait–isn’t that like having a blog?

  18. I totally agree with you. What about those people that won’t pick up after their 4 legged children? After one of those “children” dumped in our site I asked the woman if she was gonna to pick that up. She responed that she could not afford those bags!!! I grabbed a Walmart bag and took it to her.Asked her if she never went shopping. She says “I use those bags for garbage!” She picked up her “tootsie rolls” and left, swearing at me!

  19. The indoor RV park just blows my mind. I wouldn’t mind being in there alone, but could you imagine being in there with someone loud. Seems like it would easily fill up with noise and smells!

    And while we are on things we don’t understand, I don’t understand why all of a sudden our meat is filled with horse meat. Didn’t anybody notice all those missing horses?

  20. OK, I am guilty of having a stroller for my dog because it is better than leaving her in a hot car all day when we are at a flea market, RV show, craft show, etc…and can’t leave her in a hotel room when our RV is in another location. But she is 10 years old, adopted her 2 years ago and we don’t want to leave her alone. She has been traumatized enough in her early years. And yes, she is my baby since we didn’t have any kids who talk back and want money in our lives. Now as far as the dumpster is concerned…I am five foot two and the dumpsters at our winter resident are the ones that you must hold up the lid and then throw in the heavy garbage bag with your other hand. I try to get it in the back but being short is a hinderance. I refuse to bring my step stool down to the dumpster to put my trash in… might look stupid, don’t you think? I love Nick and so what if he has his opinion… don’t we all? That is what makes us unique and not walking clones of one person who has one viewpoint and is boring.haha

  21. I have to agree with you on these things you don’t understand. Let’s just say people are weird and let it go at that.

    They get away with the high rent in the ND oil patch because housing is in such short supply. My niece’s husband drives truck up there and according to him it’s usually several guys sharing a house and the rent can be $1000 per guy per month and they’re grateful to have a real house to live in.

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