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Feb 222013

We spent most of yesterday running to Orlando for two different dental appointments, so I don’t have much interesting to tell you about that. A while back I posted a blog of pictures of oddball RVs that we and our readers have spotted around the country and asked readers to send me any pictures they had of unique RVs they have seen in their travels. And as always, you all had a lot to share!

I really liked this vintage flatbed truck towing a vintage Airstream trailer that Jim Swan photographed in northern California.

Jim Swan northern California

Neil Hansen sent me this strange double truck camper that he spotted, but didn’t say where it was.

Double Truck camper

Phyllis Schell saw this log cabin bus conversion parked on a street somewhere and thought it was worth sharing. I do too.

Phyllis Schell

The log cabin theme carried over to this homebuilt camper that Rosalind Clifton found in Cody, Wyoming.

Rosalind Clifton Cody Wyoming 2

Rosalind Clifton Cody Wyoming

Here’s another nicely restored vintage truck that’s been converted into a one of a kind camper. John Lynch sent this picture and the one below, of a homebuilt Class C motorhome with a view to die for.

John Lynch custom Chevy camper

John Lynch glass top

Here’s another memorable Class C that my pal Joyce Space found near Shelter Island in the San Diego area. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

Joyce Space near Shelter Island near San Diego 3

Joyce Space near Shelter Island near San Diego 2

Joyce Space near Shelter Island near San Diego

This school bus conversion that longtime reader Ron Butler saw in Florence, Oregon brings back memories of the 60s, though folks say if you can remember that era, you weren’t there.

Ron Butler Florence Oregon 3

Ron Butler Florence Oregon 2

Ron Butler Florence Oregon

It’s been a while and I’m not sure who sent me these last two RVs; this interesting truck camper built like a railroad caboose (top), and the tri-level contraption below.

Caboose camper

Trilevel truck 

Keep your cameras handy and the photos coming in folks, maybe we’ll have another round of weird and wacky RVs to share with you one of these days.

Thought For The Day – They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad to realize that I’m going to miss mine by just a few days.

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  4 Responses to “More Oddball RVs”

  1. To us, that last one likes like it might also be able to roll/slide off the truck rails and be used as a house boat.

  2. The log camper is also in Cody Wyoming, the same guy owns them both (the truck and camper).

  3. I just found your site and lovvvvve it. Will be returning often . I am an exuberant and have many friends who still r on the road. Will forward this site to all

  4. Regarding the last two… the caboose is clearly photoshop… note in particular the smokestack on the hood, the satellite dish, and the rear tires that don’t match the fronts, but are identical, to the pixel, to each other.

    The second one is called Wothehellizat, and is a home-built rig from Australia. If you Google it you’ll find a site the owner put together detailing the construction. The interior is spectacular.


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