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Feb 022013

Yesterday afternoon I uploaded the new issue of the Gypsy Journal to our printer’s webserver, and now we have a few days to goof off before it gets shipped to us and it’s time to get back to work, stuffing envelopes and sending it out.

About the time I was uploading the new issue, Dave Damon stopped over for a visit, and we swapped BS for a while. Of course, I was outgunned in that contest, so I finally just sat back and watched the expert at work. Smile 

After Dave left, and once I got confirmation from the printer that they had received the new issue, I decided that I deserved a nap. While I was doing that, Miss Terry was making meat pasties for dinner, using some leftover pork roast from a couple of days ago, and strawberry cream tarts for dessert. Both were delicious, as is everything she makes. By the way, in the new issue of the paper, in addition to her regular recipe column, Terry also wrote a second column about some of her favorite kitchen tools.

After dinner, I tried to get motivated to do something productive, but I was stricken with a serious case of lazy, and the best I could accomplish was flipping channels on the TV remote control. We watched TV during the evening, Terry did some crocheting, and I surfed the internet for a while.

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for our weekly book blast. Today I want to tell you about books from two very talented author friends of mine. The first is Covert Dreams, an international thriller by Michael Meyer, a great guy who lives in California’s wine country that we’re hoping to visit when we get out west later this winter. Mike has a You Tube trailer for his book online, check it out.

Scott Langrel is today’s second author, and we’re featuring Prior Earth Book One, the first installment in Scott’s popular fantasy series. At 99 cents each, Scott’s books are a heck of a deal. I think you’ll enjoy them.

We were thinking about catching a movie today, but have not seen anything listed that really grabs our interest, so I’m not sure what we’ll do. But that’s okay, sometimes it’s nice to just take life as it comes.

Thought For The Day – Some people aren’t just missing a screw, they’re missing the whole damn toolbox.

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  1. To outgun Nick, (the master) in a BS contest is merely a dream.

  2. “Miss Terry was making meat pasties”

    Ah, the visions that were dancing in my mind when I read that.

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