Warming Up

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Jan 102013

After weeks of cold weather here in central Florida, it warmed up considerably yesterday, with a high of 82 degrees. And it looks like we’ll be in the low 80s for the next few days. That’s nice.

Well, nice except for the fact that the warmer it gets, the more stink bugs crawl out of the woodwork. Just when we think we’ve seen the last of them, more of the disgusting little devils appear!

The only time I left the motorhome yesterday was to drive up to the campground office to pick up a box of the printed version of Crazy Days in Big Lake.

It was a writing day for me, and I got quite a bit accomplished. I posted the first of my indie author interviews to my self-publishing blog, with Judy Howard, a solo RVer and the author of Coast to Coast With A Cat and A Ghost and Going Home With A Cat And A Ghost. Check out Judy’s interview and tell me what you think.

I also wrote about 2,000 words in my new Big Lake book. All in all, a decent day’s work.

After reading yesterday’s blog, 15 Travel Websites You’ll Love, Larry Vanstone wrote to tell me he had a neat list of 20 Apps RVers Love on his website. There is some good stuff, there. Check it out.

During the afternoon, Greg White called from Texas and we discussed our mutual travel plans once they leave Galveston Bay RV Park, where they are spending a couple of months with their kids and grandkids, and Terry and I start our trek west. I’m not sure where we’ll hook up with them, but somewhere between Texas and Arizona we’ll cross paths.

Terry rewarded all of my hard work with one of my favorite meals, her delicious fried chicken. Forget KFC, Popeye’s, and Church’s, the absolute best fried chicken in the world comes from Miss Terry’s kitchen. She marinates it in buttermilk and coats it with her own secret combination of herbs, and it just melts in your mouth. And we even have leftovers. The only thing I like as much as a piece of Terry’s hot fried chicken is a piece of her cold fried chicken the next day!

Today we may drive over to Crystal River and poke around a little bit. We like that area, and we want to see if the manatee have come into Three Sister Springs yet. Before we leave this area, we’d like to take our Sea Eagle kayaks over there and paddle with them again like we did last year. If you missed it, here is a link to our blog post from that wonderful adventure last year. What a memory that was!

Thought For The Day – Sometimes when it looks like things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.

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  3 Responses to “Warming Up”

  1. That Chicken sure sounds good! Would she share her recipe?

  2. Now I know why we are getting low 50’s this week. Your hogging all the warm weather. Since the wind is from the east you have to be sending all your cold here.

    BTW while at Crystal River go to Tiger Tail Beach. Very pretty. That’s where my husband is….floating off shore.

    We stayed at Lake Rousseau campground, a pretty campground on the lake.

  3. Bob and Vicky, I’ll ask her to put it in her recipe column in the enxt issue.

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