Jan 142013

Or at least I would if I delivered mail on the streets where these cool custom mailboxes can be found!

I’m always on the lookout for funny and oddball mailboxes as we travel the country in our motorhome, and I’ve collected pictures of some interesting ones along the way. And some of my RVing friends have been generous enough to share the mailboxes they find in their travels too.

Anybody can stick an old tin box on a post, but these folks weren’t satisfied with just a generic mailbox. What fun is that?

We came across this one just the other day in Crystal River, Florida, which is home to a large population of manatee every winter.

Manatee mailbox2

Fish also seem to be popular with the custom mailbox crowd. We found this one in Crystal River, just down the street from the manatee.

Crystal River fish mailbox

And this one was is in Colonial Beach, Virginia.

Fish mailbox

Not far away, somebody had converted an old Evinrude outboard motor into a one of a kind mailbox.

Evinrude mailbox Colonial Beach

I don’t know if I know the fellow who lives here well enough to make a “delivery in rear!”

Bicycle mailbox

Since I’m not allowed to play with tools, Miss Terry probably wouldn’t let me have a mailbox like this, even if we had a house to stick it in front of.

Hammer mailbox

And if she won’t let me have a giant hammer, you know she won’t let me near a bulldozer!

Bulldozer mailbox

Any Florida Gators football fans in the crowd?

Football helmet mailbox

I’m more of an old car guy myself.

Old Car mailbox

And yes, I’m also a gun nut. I bet this mailbox would keep the door to door salesmen away!

gun mailbox

Some people in Oklahoma prefer a revolver over a semi-auto.

Oklahoma Gun Mailbox Oklahoma Gun Mailbox 2

And last, but not least, if you’re really paranoid and even a giant gun won’t do it for you, how about a World War II era sea mine, like this one we found in Michigan? I guess if those door to door salesmen show up in a battleship, this will keep them away.

mine mailbox 2

As you can probably tell, we haven’t done a lot the last couple of days. Terry wasn’t feeling 100%, so we never left the motorhome all weekend, except for a walk I took to the dumpster last night. I got a lot of writing done, Terry was busy with laundry, weaving, bookkeeping, and the 101 other things she’s always doing no matter how she feels.

We’ll see what today brings. We have some errands to run and orders to mail out. I wonder what kind of mailboxes I can find on my way to the post office?

Thought For The Day – My sex life is like a Ferrari… I don’t have a Ferrari.

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  7 Responses to “The Postman Always Rings Twice”

  1. In Yuma we found a number of neighborhood mailboxes and stands that were modified as geocache locations.

  2. What a neat blog thanks Nick, some are awesome Hope Terry feels better soon

  3. Should I take up a collection and buy you a Ferrari?


  4. Yes, JC, you should

  5. Those are the neatest ones I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some odd ones since I tend to look for this kind of thing also. Now after reading Judy’s comment I’m really excited to be getting to Yuma and check out the geocaching ones.

  6. Good news Nick! Here it is, 7 hours later, and I’ve already collected $1.50. It won’t be long now.


  7. I love this post Nick. I am behind on reading your blog so am just now catching up. We have enjoyed finding interesting mail boxes and seem to missw taking photos but now we will have to do better. And, late congratulations on your anniversary. You always sound so happy with life. Good for you and Terry.

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