Moving Day

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Jan 232013

We moved around a lot when I was a kid and during my time in the Army, and later as a civilian I lived in a lot of places. I always hated moving. Not going someplace new and meeting new people all the time; that was exciting. But I dreaded the hassle of packing everything away and carrying it out to the truck and then lugging it all back in at the new place and getting it unpacked. So isn’t it at least a little bit strange that we move every few weeks in this lifestyle?

Of course these days, moving is a lot easier. Miss Terry packs away a few things inside the motorhome, we stow the rooftop satellite dish, unplug the utilities, retract our HWH leveling jacks, and away we go! It makes life a lot easier.

Today is moving day for us. We’re leaving Three Flags RV Resort and going about 50 miles southeast to the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve for a three week stay. It should be easy day to get over there and set up early in the day. If they have any decent sites in the 50 amp section, that’s our preference. But we have found that some of the 50 amp sites are really uneven and it can be a real problem getting level without having our front tires off the ground and sitting on blocks.

We don’t like that, so if that’s all they have, we’ll opt for a 30 amp site instead. They have a lot of them, so we shouldn’t have any problem getting a decent 30 amp site if necessary. Even with all of the crap about cutting out three week stays that we went through with Thousand Trails a couple of months ago, which was to “insure every member had a chance to use the preserve,” they have had plenty of empty sites available all winter, and still have their “Open to the Public” sign out front.

Terry had a dental appointment in Orlando yesterday morning and when we got back to the campground I took a short nap, then spent the afternoon working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Meanwhile, Terry was working on the backload of laundry that had piled up while her washer/dryer was broken. For dinner she made another one of her made from scratch pepperoni pizzas. Yummy!

During the evening, Kimberly Ross Travaglino came by and we had a nice two hour long visit. Kimberly and her husband Chris are fulltimers raising their four kids on the road, and they operate Fulltime Families, which is a great resource for RVers with children living the RV lifestyle. We really enjoyed our time with Kimberly, and look forward to seeing them again at the Orlando Thousand Trails in a week or so.

Another cooling trend is coming across Florida. It was in the high 30s last night and today is supposed to be the mid-60s, but since it has been in the single digits in Indiana and Michigan, I’m not going to snivel even one little bit. Life is good!

Thought For The Day – Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.

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