Mission Accomplished

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Jan 222013

Yesterday morning I called around, trying to locate the drain pump for our Splendide washer/dryer combo. I was concerned, because Greg White had told me he couldn’t find Splendide parts in the Houston area and when he needed parts for his, he had to order them from Westland Sales in Clackamas, Oregon. But I got lucky.

I called Camping Connection in Kissimmee, our “go to” place in this part of the country, but it being Monday morning, their parts folks were backlogged with calls and I couldn’t get anybody on the line. So I tried Camping World, and the guy I talked to there took the information and said he’d get back to me. I tried Camping Connection again, and got Mike, one of the guys I’ve dealt with there before. He told me he had two pumps in stock, and I said to hold one for me.

Camping Connection is a great shop, and they have done several jobs for us, including installing the Blue Ox base plate and Air Force One auxiliary brake on our Ford Explorer when we bought it a couple of years ago.

We drove to Kissimmee, picked up the new pump, came home and Terry installed it and put everything back together, and we muscled it back into the cabinet. Mission accomplished! No leaks, and Miss Terry is now happily catching up on a big pile of laundry that had accumulated. I’m glad we got things working again, I think I was about out of clean underwear. And you know what Mom always said about wearing clean underwear in case we get into an accident. I could never convince Mom that if I do get into an accident, there’s a pretty good chance my underwear won’t be clean anyway.

By the way, eventually I heard back from Camping World. They didn’t have the pump in stock, but could special order if for me, and it would only cost about $75 more than Camping Connection charged me. This is not the first time that we have found that the smaller independent shops quite often have the same items for less, sometimes a LOT less, than Camping World charges.

Speaking of clothes and such, we’ve got an ongoing mystery around here. It seems like about every six months, somebody breaks into our motorhome, leaves no trace of how they gained entry, and they steal all of my clothes and replace them with the exact same kind, only one size smaller! It’s been going on for years now!

Okay, and speaking of mysteries (did you notice how smooth that segue was?), a few blog readers have asked me when my Big Lake books will be available on Barnes and Noble for their Nooks. While they are not on Barnes and Noble, all three of my Big Lake mystery novels are available in Nook format at www.smashwords.com.

If you like mysteries and dogs, too, check out today’s Indie author interview with Carol Ann Newsome, the author of the Dog Park mystery series on my self-publishing blog. See that? Another successful segue!

Thought For The Day – It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

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  4 Responses to “Mission Accomplished”

  1. Hey Nick:
    I have the same thief comes to our MH. Damm Them.

  2. We found out that when you leave your colths in a DARK closet they seem to shrink down. Haven’t got to put a light in the closet as of yet, but it is on the 2doit list.

  3. And you know after a few washes my clothes seems to get smaller too.

  4. I recently needed to wear a uniform that I had not worn for a while and thought that it had just shrunk. Actually some other things have had that happen too.

    I got a larger shirt size and wore slacks of the color of the uniform slacks. The event was at night (Hollywood Christmas Parade) so it worked out. It was the Sunday after thanksgiving so the bigger shirt was certainly more comfortable.

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