Cooling Down

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Jan 172013

Thanks for all of the nice anniversary wishes everybody sent us as blog comments, e-mails, and on Facebook. You all make us feel very, very loved.

Except for writing this blog, I didn’t do a lick of work yesterday. We slept in, then stayed in bed and snuggled a while, talking about the last fifteen years, and how in some ways it seems like we’ve been together forever, and in other ways it feels like we got together just yesterday.

We planned to take in a movie, and then have a nice dinner. We were kind of intrigued by the ads we saw for Django Unchained, and since it was playing at a new theater in The Villages, we gave it a try. The storyline was interesting but they went way, way overboard on blood and gore and ruined what could have been a good film. It was no different than a slasher movie in my opinion. I don’t need or want to see pieces of bodies exploding across the screen to be entertained. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a very, very low 1.

After the movie, we spent an hour or so doing one of our favorite activities, wandering through Barnes & Noble. We love books, and even if we don’t find anything, it’s still fun to look.

When we left the bookstore, we both realized that neither of us was hungry after the big bucket of popcorn and the sodas we had at the theater, so we decided to have our anniversary dinner another day and just came back home to have a quiet evening. Later on, when we did start to feel hungry, Terry made us a couple of cheese crisps. Not an exciting day maybe, but we have a good time no matter what we’re doing, as long as we’re together.

Here’s a tip that could save you a real mess, and maybe an expensive repair job, too. The other day, after using the bathroom and flushing the toilet, I didn’t realize that the foot pedal on our SeaLand toilet had apparently gotten stuck or not released completely, which meant it continued to run water into the toilet with the seal open. A while later Terry went into the bathroom and discovered that our black tank was full and the water level was within a couple of inches of the rim of the toilet bowl. That could have been a nasty problem. Always be sure your toilet pedal retracts fully!

It’s been in the low 80s for a week or two now, which is very comfortable. But we have a cold front moving into central Florida and today’s weather forecast is for 70 degrees, and down to 64 on Friday. Then we’re looking at the low 70s for several days. I guess I shouldn’t complain, that’s better than many our friends who are boondocking out in Quartzsite have been dealing with.

Thought For The Day – It doesn’t take much to be happy if you know what true happiness is.

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  7 Responses to “Cooling Down”

  1. Nick, I remember you complaining about the cold of another FL winter. Be happy we are warm this year. And yes, 64 is warm compared to the rest of the country.

  2. Nick we also had a sealand toilet in our last rig and it did the same thing, we always made sure the pedal was up. Good thing for you that Terry caught it or it would have been a very crappy situation!! (Pun intended) ha ha.

  3. We got fortunate with our toilet, the seal worked sometimes, but the big problem came one we went to flush the darn thing and the pedal broke, we were lucky that the part in the toilet sealed, the down side was every time we flushed it was manually. PIA to say the. Took it to Winnebago to be fixed just to learn they no longer made this type of toilet, they went to put a new one on to learn none would fit. So the managed to build a new one for us. The reason they could not fit a new model on is they went from three screw model to a two screw one and they would not fit. Go figure, glad you caught it before it ran over. So watch the foot pedal also

  4. We just got to Quartzite yesterday and were able to sit outside and read our Kindles – needed a sweatshirt, but it was still enjoyable. It’s supposed to be warming up more this week. Glad to hear you are finally enjoying some warmer weather.

  5. Your right Nick. were freezing out here in Q! Temps are suppose to be 68 today! Rest of the week around 70. You need to pay me to stay away from Florida. Ole man winter follows me where ever i go and this year it’s Q!

  6. Too bad you didn’t get to see the movie Lincoln. I agree with your assessment of Django. A waste of talent.

  7. We did see Lincoln a couple of weeks ago. It was excellent.

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