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I figure by now you’re tired of hearing about me working on the new issue of the paper, but that’s what I did again yesterday, getting a little over another six pages finished. But rather than bore you with the details, I thought we’d start your week off with a chuckle or two about what you may see in a campsite near you one of these days.

We’ve seen some oddball RVs in our travels around the country, and if you’ve spent much time on the road you probably have, too. Sometimes I’ve just had to scratch my head and ask “Why” but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here are some we’ve seen and others that readers have sent us.

WEird RV Janice Schultz took in Townsend TN

When Janice Schultz sent me this, I guessed this is what happens when you take your stretch limo camping.

Caddy trailer

Then again, this might be more your style if you prefer a smaller campsite.

vw camper bug

And this must be what happens when you breed a Volkswagen with a Winnebago.

Carolyn hatch utah

Actually, I think this truck conversion Terry’s cousin Carolyn Hensley sent us  looks pretty cool

Chandler, Oklahoma fifth wheel horse from Carolyn

I can’t say the same thing for this thing.

fiver fair oaks, indiana Steve Clarke

Flatbed camper Dan Karen Silverwood Sugar Creek Ohio

Apparently putting campers on trailers is popular with a lot of people.

truck camper

Or, you could put one on top of your truck.

School bus fiver George Stoltz Temple Texas

George Stoltz sent us a picture of this unique fifth wheel, if you prefer to tow your home on wheels.

School bus with roof deck 3

Some of the bus converters can get pretty creative.

Jim Aslin Bus

I don’t think this bus Jim Aslin sent us has moved in a very long time.

two sided bus joyce space albuquerque

You know that old saying about keeping the shiny side up and the greasy side down? Whoever made this thing that Joyce Space photographed in Albuquerque  apparently never heard it.

2 way car CR Markham Hwy 11 western virginia

I wonder if the guy with the two-sided bus tows this behind him?

Whit Mather tiny RV

Sometimes smaller is better.

Have you seen some strange looking RVs? If so, send me a picture. If we get enough I’ll run a sequel to this blog one of these days.

Thought For The Day – The secret of a happy marriage is to have a bad memory.

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  3 Responses to “Coming To A Campground Near You!”

  1. The big goose neck with the truck camper might be for someone who has pulling tractors. Years ago when we went to them you would see that.

  2. Gotta get my camera out. Think I saw all of these and more in Quartzsite, AZ this past week. Whew. One yellow bus had part of it’s top cut out and a VW van was recessed into the bus’s roof up to the VW’s bumpers.

  3. The third photo down, “breed a Volkswagen”, is a vehicle called the “VWINIE”. It was built by a VW shop in Ozark, Alabama {USA}. I owned it from 1980 to 1985.

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