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Dec 302012

Terry and I are in a strange position for us, one we haven’t been in since our first couple of years on the road. We have no plans and few obligations for 2013. We’re basically footloose and fancy free.

Usually our routine has been to leave Florida and go to Arizona in late winter, then head out in the spring for the Midwest, then head south in the fall and hang out in Florida until it’s time to start west again. But with no rallies scheduled, and since Terry doesn’t have to return to Michigan for her oncologist checkups any more; except for a couple of family visits and annual medical checkups in Arizona in March, we find ourselves free to do something different next year. We don’t like to plan too far ahead, but we have been considering our options.

It’s been years since we have been to Branson, and that’s one possibility. The shows don’t appeal to us as much as the countryside around there. The Ozarks are absolutely beautiful any time of year. We could go there, then spend some time exploring the central states. They get bypassed by most RVers, and there is a lot to see and do there.

We also like the southeast, and we haven’t spent nearly as much time as we’d like in the Carolinas and Virginia. All we’ve ever done is pass through on our way south to Florida every year. I’d like to spend a summer there sometime exploring all of the Revolutionary and Civil War sites.

Another option, and one that we are strongly considering, is spending the summer in the Pacific Northwest. We love the Oregon and Washington coasts, and though we spent some time there a couple of years ago, we had to leave sooner than we wanted to so we could get back to Ohio for our Eastern rally.

We have talked about staying in Arizona until it gets too hot, then heading up the coast and spending the summer poking around, eating our weight in seafood. Then we’d return to Arizona by way of the Rocky Mountain states in the late fall. There are lots of places in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah we still haven’t seen yet.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve spent the holidays with family, so that option has a lot of appeal to us. If we did, we could either spend the entire winter in the southwest, or reverse our regular travel path and head to Florida in the late winter or early spring.

The good thing is that we don’t have to be anyplace. We can do our thing and find fun places to visit and share with our readers in every corner of this great land of ours. Wherever we go, you can bet it’s going to be fun.

Thought For The Day – I wish I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now.

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  1. The main thing I recommend you consider is weather patterns. You don’t want to be in Tornado Alley in the spring or on the East Coast during the fall hurricane season. I know I don’t have to mention staying south in the winter. 🙂

  2. You didn’t mention the NE. We are stuck in a rut ourselves and want to travel the Midwest/central US and New England, but never seem to find the time. We always spend time visiting family in GA, IL, MN, ID and NV. Got to break the pattern somehow. Between Nieces, Nephews and Grandchildren it is hard even after 18 years. hope you have a great New Year.

  3. If you are going to head up to Oregon, Joyce and I will be hosting at Devil’s Lake and Nehalem Bay State Parks this summer. Would be great to meet y’all in person. I know you don’t like to make reservations but the coastal state parks are very busy in the summer so reservations are just about a must. Enjoy your “down time”.

  4. Something out of the ordinary that we enjoyed a few years ago, was to spend some time in Mountain View, Arkansas. They have a festival bean fest and out house races and many things to enjoy.It was the last week of October. There are some real country folk in that area and we were constantly entertained with the things we saw and did. If you get to the Branson area, go eat at Lamberts, Home of the Throwed Roll in Sikeston. There is a Lamberts in Foley. Alabama as well and I guarantee you will enjoy the quality and quantity of food.If in New Mexico, see the Balloon Festival in October. If in West Virginia, go to Summersville the third week of September and see the ” nuts” jump off the bridge! These are a few suggestions of things we have enjoyed in our travels.

  5. Nick,
    How are we suppose to make OUR plans if we don’t know where the Nick Weather is going to be?

  6. Nick,did the civil war sites a few years back. I did a video of the site and the soldiers cemetery. Didn’t notice while filming,but on watching could hear people walking behind me in the dead leaves. Sounded like if the soldiers were marching,kind of eerie.

  7. Terry and Nick– Seriously consider asummer in the Maritime Provinces. Lorna and I led 17 RVs for 56 days through all 4 provinces, (12 US RVs) , had a wonderfull time. People are very welcoming. Roger Scott.

  8. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to go and do as you please?!?!?! You will be the gypsies you want to be. Don’t miss Kansas especially Abilene (Eisenhower Museum, Greyhound Museum, Seelye and C.L. Brown’s Mansions, Kirby House for food, I remember a chocolate outlet, and more) and the Flint Hills (Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve). Lots to see and do in this wonderful country of ours.

  9. Nick, that is what full-time RVing is all about. You go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and spend as much time doing it as you want! Then you get to go and do it all over again. If you don’t enjoy what what you are doing and where you are, you can just up and go somewhere else! Isn’t that wonderfull. Your life “on the road” has been so regimented for so long that you have to re-program your thinking to the “foot-loose and fancy free attitude” again. How many “homebound” people envy your situation!! I’m sure you can come up with something. And, as you say, there is so much to see in this beautiful country of ours, just go see it!. But remember us on the way!

  10. Got to add, even with all your ‘free’ time you will never see everything you want to. We tried before we decided to get off the road. Enjoy your time and each other.

  11. In the summer TTN Cultas Lake is a very nice park to visit. There are also some real great parks in our system in Oregon & Washington and in the spring time they have field of tulips and a few other that you will see a quarter section of land that is all red or yellow or several other colors. It is a very nice area to travel if your stay as close to the ocean as possible.

  12. Please spend some time in those “pass through” states of Nebraska and Kansas, and even Oklahoma! As east-coasters who have very limited time and love to head out west, we never know where to find a fun stop to break up the long drive “in between.” I am sure there are any number of interesting places not too far off the beaten track that we could plan our breaks around. Please help!

  13. If you happen to be in the area, there is going to be a rally of antique buses from before 1980 in the town of Blytheville Arkansas the first week of April. They have restored the small 1939 Greyhound bus stop there and are going to block off the streets around it to allow the buses to park there…..should be quite the show! We are planning on being there. Might be a good article for the paper?

  14. Summer cannot be beat in the Puget Sound area!! Oregon is good too!! Even Idaho is not too bad…gets kind of hot in the daytime, but generally it is sweater weather once the sun goes down. If we do become fulltime RVers, we already know that summers will be spent in those states (of course, we have kin there too).

  15. Nick do not rule out the TX hill country, Fredricksburg offers a lot of TX history and of the German immigrants that settled you also have Kerrville, Bandara. Boerne have a lot of great places to visit. Then of course you have San Antonio. Of course you can use the SKP park as a base, OK I am selfish we want to see you also. Give it a thought. Yes it does get hot here in the summer is the only down side. In Fredricksburg they have an awesome military museum that is well worth a visit. Happy New you to the two of you, may it bring the best of everything

  16. If you haven’t been there already, you would enjoy the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana, run by the national park service. We painlessly and enjoyably learned so much history there. We gained a great deal of respect for both Custer and the indians.

    Our national parks and monuments are treasures, ones of the few things our government does right. Zion near St. George, Utah, is my favorite, but the whole state of Utah is full of breathtaking parks and monuments. You can buy passes that make the parks real bargains. To avoid the crowds, visit the dozens of lesser known ones.

  17. Being from Conway, Arkansas, I must second the suggestion to visit Mountain View in October. The outhouse races make it all worth the visit LOL. I even have an outhouse ornament on my Christmas tree from there!

    If you come this way and plan to stop at Toad Suck Park again, let me know, I would LOVE to meet you!

    BTW, Please pass along to Terry, I have finished my Chemo, mammogram was clear. Still have 27 Radiation treatments to go!

  18. You are so FREE!! A friend of mine visited several Civil War sites in the summer…..can you say hot, humid, buggy and miserable!!! Mid-Spring or Fall might be better for that. Have fun, that’s the main thing.

  19. Oh my goodness – we are going to the Pacific NW this year too! Have never been up there, going to go to CA and see some sights and family, then up through OR & WA, then heading to Gillette for the Escapee’s Rally, then the Red Dale National Wagon Train Rally in Sturgis area…then across to PA…then back to TX for winter again 🙂

  20. Say Nick, since you are our great source of food ideas, just saw the Yoder’s Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida…have you been there yet??? O H M Y OH MY!!! More kinds of pie than I ever knew existed…not to speak of the great other food…from looks at least…watching a food show on TV at the moment…just wondered your opinion, if you have been there!!

  21. Be sure to go to the Coast Guard Lifeboat Museum State Park in Port Orford on the southern Oregon Coast. It is in a beautiful spot. Also, Oregon Coast Magazine puts out an issue which follows the Oregon Coast mile by mile from N to S and lists interesting things to see and do. The southern coast is my favorite because there are very few people there!

  22. Since we started out from Nebraska in 2000, we still go back there the middle of April for taxes and doctor appts and also because Spring is the perfect time to visit Nebraska. I have wonderful pics of the geese with their newly-hatched goslings right in front of our camper at a state rec area. We do have to be aware of tornado weather as we head from San Diego to Lincoln, NE. We usually dodge the storm cells across OK or KS as we go.
    We have to renew our driver’s licenses in Rapid City in June so we’ll do that on the way to Gillette for the Escapade. Then we either will head north to UP or NW to WA & OR. We spent this past summer and fall in Washington state along the Pacific Ocean around Ocean Shores. We had perfect summer weather and we love the ocean. My sister lives in Ocean Shores so we tend to linger in that area.
    After that we have no tentative plans — typical for FTers.

  23. If you go north do not rule out eastern WA and the ID panhandle … Gorgeous. We love Lake Roosevelt and the COE parks on the Snake and Columbia rivers. As you stated wherever you choose will be FUN. Safe travels.

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