Nanook Of The North

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Dec 222012

I wouldn’t be surprised to find Inuit hunter Nanook building an igloo outside our Winnebago’s window this morning, it was so darned cold here overnight! The predicted cold wave hit early Friday and I don’t think it got over the low 60s all day long. I walked down to the trash dumpster last night, and by the time I got back inside I was freezing! Overnight lows were in the low 30s.

And we’ll have the same thing again today. In fact, the next few days are supposed to be cold. I highly disapprove!

Yeah, I know, it’s colder where some of you are, like Michigan, or Wisconsin, or Ohio. But I left that part of the world to be warm! What good does it do not to have the world end like those darned Mayans predicted if it’s going to be this cold?

Yes, I’m sniveling. Get used to it. You’re gonna hear a lot more until it warms up!

Except for a quick trip I made to the campground’s activity center to pick up our mail and a UPS package yesterday afternoon, and that walk down to the dumpster last night, we never left the rig. I did some writing and a lot of internet research, Terry logged in the orders that came with the mail, and worked on some of her projects.

For dinner, Terry made a delicious basil-parmesan crusted salmon, served with red potatoes, corn, and other goodies. Yummy! That lady sure can cook!

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog titled Gift Ideas For RVers, and in that blog I mentioned that a couple of the items listed were originally given to us by their manufacturers. Two blog readers wrote me to ask how they, too, could get free products to review.

You probably can’t. While we get freebies like that every so often, it doesn’t happen every day. And the companies that offer their products for review don’t just hand them out like Christmas cookies. They approach us because of the Gypsy Journal and because my blog gets a lot of daily visitors. If you don’t have a long track record and they don’t think you can offer them a good return for their investment, they probably won’t have any interest in you.

In our case, I also let them know going in that if their product doesn’t measure up, in my opinion, I’m not going to just give it a blanket seal of approval. If it’s good, I’ll say so. If not, I’ll say that, too. You’d be surprised at how many times I never hear back from them after that conversation. I guess they know the quality of their products.

Speaking of freebies, here is one that all of you can take advantage of. My friend and fellow author Randy Morris has a new guide out that is free for the next two days, Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate. It’s a series of articles on better understanding your computer and home theater systems, computer security, virus protection, etc. Check it out!

Thought For The Day – It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

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  1. Yeah. 57 deg here in the FL Keys, Brrr! But it will be back to 70 Deg in a couple days for sure! Best, Dave & Sheila

  2. Nick, Your track record of unusual cold or wet weather, sometimes both, remains unblemished. We here in Yuma follow your travels closely.

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