Dec 082012

Would somebody please light a fire under my butt? I need to get a lot of writing done, and yesterday I just couldn’t seem to get anything accomplished.

I think I got off to a wrong start for the day by getting into a rather prolonged e-mail exchange with a gentleman from England who is planning a six month trip around America in a rented RV early next year. He wrote asking for suggestions for “must see” places, and I sent back a list of a dozen, including places like the Grand Canyon, Florida Keys, and Niagara Falls. He shot back a reply saying those were too touristy and said everybody he knew had seen them. He wanted more “quirky off the beaten path” destinations. I thought about it, and suggested Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska; the Coon Dog Cemetery near Tuscumbia, Alabama; and Solomon’s Castle near Ona, Florida. Half an hour later he wrote back to say he looked those places up online and they didn’t fit his needs, and to please stop being so provincial and send him some better ideas. About then I realized have no idea what being provincial meant and decided that I really didn’t want to be his tour guide anyway.

But then I couldn’t stop trying to think of things that would interest him. I didn’t bother compiling a list for him, but I couldn’t get my mind centered back on my new book.

In the early afternoon, J.C. Webber called and asked if he and Bev could stop by with their friends Fred and Jo Wishnie, who are longtime RVers. Unfortunately, Terry was in the middle of finalizing our mailing list to e-mail to the commercial mail service we use in Orlando by the end of the day. At the same time, I was getting ready to run to the post office to send out some new orders, so we had to ask for a rain check.

Speaking of our mailing list, every couple of weeks we get a new subscription or an order for some of our books and it includes a request that we don’t share their information with anyone else. Please rest assured that we never share your address or info with anybody. Several times we have declined to accept advertising from businesses who made access to our mailing lists a prerequisite for doing business with them. Uh uh, that’s not going to happen. We don’t appreciate getting spam and junk mail any more than anyone else, and we darned sure are not going to help any business bother you with it either.

We left a little before 6 PM and drove into Wildwood to meet JC and Bev Webber and Fred and Jo Wishnie for dinner at the Cotillion Southern Café, which is housed in an old bank building on Main Street. We had a nice meal and enjoyed talking about the fulltime RV lifestyle, places we’ve seen and places we want to get to, membership campgrounds, and how fortunate we all are to enjoy the freedom of life on the road.

Today I need to avoid distractions and get back to work. There are a lot of words crowded around inside my head that I need to get out.

Thought For The Day – If I must have wrinkles, I want happy ones.

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  12 Responses to “Light A Fire Under My Butt”

  1. The “gentleman” from England…isn’t. But look at the bright side. You’ve hit the big time — you have international trolls! 🙂

  2. just wanted to let you know that while you were doing your international advice thing I subbed in for your oversight of thje geeks rally. got some knowlege on trip planning and then did a couple of short programs of light relief for them. took their group on a trip to China and then toured the RV museum with them. then Phil and Tracey rewarded me by including me in their English shepard’s pie dinner with “mulled wine” their program ends today and the attendees are telling they have numb brains from all the info they have packed into them.

  3. Nick,

    You could have sent the jerk from England to the Escapees Forum.

  4. If the advertiser has your mailing list then they don’t need to advertise with you any more. Plus I am sure they would sell the list to others even if it is not allowed by the contract. We do appreciate you guarding our addresses.

  5. We know we can trust you with our personal information. I was going to say private information, but is anything private anymore? Thanks, Nick.

  6. Why not just recomend he get your 2 books “Highway Mysteries and Backroad Histories#, after not satisfying him with your first two lists of sugestions.

  7. I will add mine and Mike’s big thank you for not sharing our address with anyone.

  8. Hey Nick, I want to travel from CA to AZ for 3 months, then on to AR, up to IN, back across MT, down into NV and end up back in CA. Could you plan my route, decide what I would like to see, how many miles I should travel each day and, oh yea, how much is that going to cost me? You really should throw in where I should stay for $10 a day, I pay you all that $$$ for my subscription!! HA! I thought the British were supposed to have good manners, silly me.

  9. Nick, I have absolutely no idea who the Englishman was but can assure you that we’re not all like that.

  10. Jan, just send me your debit and credit cards and PIN numbers and I’ll get right on it! 🙂

  11. Heh, winning WW2 for them and saving their hides, not enough for that bloke eh?? You DO meet some characters I say…oh well, more fodder for your books eh?? So not all is lost with such encounters if you can put them to use!!

  12. Nick, next time tell the English gentleman to GOOGLE it! 😉

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