It Won’t Be Long Now

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Dec 192012

Yes, it won’t be long now. Christmas is coming up fast, and Miss Terry still won’t tell me what she wants for Christmas. I ask and she just says she doesn’t need anything. I keep reminding her that I didn’t ask her what she needed, I asked what she wanted.

Terry’s not into jewelry or clothes, so that’s out. Tools used to always be a good bet, but not anymore. Since we’re no longer building a bus conversion, she has hung up her tool belt. What’s a guy to do?

Actually, we don’t usually buy Christmas gifts for each other because we both have everything we need or want already. And living in an RV limits what we can carry with us anyway.

What about you? What do you want for Christmas?

We stayed home yesterday and I got a lot more writing done, while Terry worked on her current crochet project. During the afternoon, Jim and Linda Sullivan came by and we chatted with them for a few minutes. They had a couple of office chairs they aren’t using anymore and were going to donate someplace, but wanted to give us the first chance at them. We couldn’t use them, but we appreciated the offer.

I also had a 30 minute telephone interview with someone from Amazon’s Kindle publishing program during the afternoon. Basically it was a fact finding mission on their part to get feedback on how well they are doing their job, what they could be doing better, what services they might offer to their authors, and what other outlets I am selling through. I hope my responses will help them make a good program even better.

Speaking of books, things moved faster than I expected and the print version of Crazy Days in Big Lake is now available. Here’s the link to the printed edition, for those who have been waiting.

Crazy Days Cover Print test

Terry loves to cook and bake and takes every opportunity she can to do so. Yesterday’s creation was a delicious banana nut cake. I’ll never be a skinny man.


I’m not sure what’s on the agenda today. Sooner or later we want to go see Lincoln, maybe sometime this week. But it feels kind of nice to just sit tight and not do much of anything too.

Thought For The Day – On the internet you can be anybody you want. So why do so many people chose to be stupid?

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  8 Responses to “It Won’t Be Long Now”

  1. We seldom go out to movies, but we heard very good reviews about “Lincoln” that we decided to see it Wednesday. Shopping before and dinner afterwards at a nice restaurant will cap off a special day for us (our 42nd anniversary).

  2. Got a Rand McNally 7710 GPS and some new socks. Joyce…? Still look’in.

  3. Thanks for getting it to print- I ordered my copy and will be reading soon!

  4. Saw Lincoln last night. Good history lesson on the 13th Amendment. Sally Field was extra good as Mary Todd. Excellent portrayals all around. Spoiler ALERT: Abe gets shot. Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.

  5. I bought my wife a gift certificate for 5 hours of one on one computer and smart phone instruction from a lady tech who is very highly recommended.

  6. we usually do not buy anything for each other since we have all the stuff we want. Living in an RV full time like you said room is limited, but we now have a nice little place that is screaming for a TV so maybe after the rush of the season we may indulge in getting one. Merry Christmas Nick and Terry

  7. A new hip from the elves at Mayo Clinic would be most appreciated.

  8. Well, I ordered a few used cookbooks on Amazon for myself…hubby won’t give me any ideas so I guess I won’t do anything…we are living temporary right now and nearly all our possessions are in storage…so no need to get anything we don’t need. Like I told him, the cookbooks are for him too…after all, he gets to eat what I fix!! Ha!! With the craziness and the economy this year, I kind of doubt very many folks feel like buying gifts much this year!! Taking your wife out to eat often is probably an appreciated gift too I would imagine…I feel that way at least!!

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