Dodged A Bullet

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Dec 112012

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We dodged a bullet yesterday. Two bullets, actually. Weather bullets, that is.

We had talked about going to see Lincoln at the theater in The Villages, but we woke to a gray, drizzly day, and decided to stay home instead. During the afternoon it started to rain steadily, and really came down for a while.

The 5 PM news reported that a line of severe storms had crossed the state, with tornadoes sighted over Lake Apopka and Ocoee. That’s about 40 miles east of where we are in Wildwood. The news reported that a twister touched down near Edgewater in Volusia County and that at least 40 homes in a manufactured home community were damaged, two of them severely. That’s about 80 miles east of us. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

About 7:30 a second storm cell crossed the state to the south, just brushing us as it moved eastward. More heavy rain and some loud thunder, but no wind, fortunately. More bad weather is forecast for today, though hopefully not as severe. We’ve been through a lot of bad weather in our fourteen years on the road, and we know to seek shelter if it gets too bad.

I sent out the link to our new digital edition to our subscribers yesterday, and for some reason several did not get it, though their e-mails did not bounce. I tried again with no success, but the third time was the charm and they all reported back that it went through that time.

It was a good day for writing, so that’s just what I did. By the time I stopped, somewhere around 10:30 PM, I had over 3,500 words done. My tailbone and fingers were paying the price, but I was happy with my progress. E-book sales have dropped off steeply for myself and most of the independent authors I know, and we’re all hoping that things will pick back up as people start unwrapping all of the new Kindles they get for Christmas.

Miss Terry prepared a delicious dinner of Italian sausage marinara served over three-cheese tortellini. Man, that was good, and I sure cleaned my plate!

I’m not sure what our plans are for today. If the bad weather does develop, we’ll probably sit right here and do the same thing we did yesterday. If it looks like we’ll get a break, we may go to the movies after all.

This is our last day here at Three Flags RV Resort, and we have no idea where the time went. This is fast becoming one of our favorite campgrounds in the extended Thousand Trails system. It’s quiet, very clean, and comfortable, and a quick drive into town for anything we need.

Wednesday we will move about 45 miles to the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve, which is actually a little south of Clermont, for a three week stay. After that we’ll rotate back here, and then back to the Orlando Thousand Trails again for two more three week stays. I’m hoping we’ll have decent weather for our drive to Clermont.

Thought For The Day – Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything – Charles Kuralt

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  5 Responses to “Dodged A Bullet”

  1. Love the Thought For The Day by Charles Kuralt !!!!!!!!!

  2. Nick, I didn’t get the notification for link to your new digital edition. Please re-send.

    Also, please ask Miss Terry to include the Italian sausage marinara served over three-cheese tortellini recipe in the next edition.


  3. glad to hear that you dodged the bullet, this is such screwy weather, thankfully we are just on the cold side, 28 last night but it is nice sleeping weather. North TX got the rain and tornado warnings.

  4. Nick,
    We are just down the road from you at Alliance Coach. Talked to Brett Howard yesterday and reminded him about advertising in the Journal.

    We had dinner at Cody’s in the villages last night and enjoyed the early bird 1500-1800. Also just around the corner is Woody’s BBQ, good and reasonable.

    We met at Celina,

    Baby Sis

  5. Got it the first time around and just finished reading it. Another fantastic issue Nick. We have stayed at the Thousand Trails there in Batesville IN and complained about the rowdy construction guys too but it did not do any good.

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