Blown Away

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Dec 272012

About 4 AM yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of strong wind flapping our slide-out toppers and window awnings and by about 7 our motorhome was rocking and rolling, but not in the fun kind of way.

The wind blew hard all morning and I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be out on the road in an RV. Several rigs were coming and going in the campground and I was glad it wasn’t us.

At noon, the news was predicting a line of fast moving thunderstorms making their way across central Florida and my nephew Steve Russell posted on Facebook that they had just passed through the Tampa area. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the sky turned dark and before we knew it, the rain was pouring down. The cold front dropped temperatures in a hurry and the weatherman said that by the time things stabilize today, they will have dropped 40 degrees in 24 hours. Brrr!

Since I only got a little bit of sleep with all the noise, I felt crappy and my head was foggy all day long. I tried to write and finally gave up because it wasn’t even making sense to me. So basically, it was a wasted day.

While I was just taking up space on earth, Miss Terry was hard at work doing laundry, filling a bunch of orders and getting them ready to send out, and trying to figure out why our Splendide washer/dryer combo was leaking somewhere in the front. This RV site is not very level and we are low in the front, and we suspect that may be part of the problem.

When it rains, it pours, in more ways than one. Our basement air conditioner/heat pump seems to be in a cranky mood and wouldn’t start. We could hear it hum and try to start and then just stop. I suspect that the problem is the startup capacitor and remembered that my friend Ron Speidel had had a similar problem, so I called him. After I described the problem, Ron confirmed my suspicions. It is apparently a common problem with the AC unit we have and when they get about ten years old, it seems to happen.

I called Greg White and asked him why he always seems to be a thousand miles away when I break things lately. I was hoping that Greg would offer to drive over from Houston to fix it for me, and when he didn’t, I suggested it for him. I was even going to offer to buy him dinner, but he was in one of those selfish moods he gets into and said no. He did get online, did a lot of research, and discovered that if the problem is just the capacitor, the part is only about $25 and is an easy fix. He seems to think that even I can do it. Oh, you just know I’m gonna screw this up big time, don’t you?

While I know my limitations all too well, apparently some people think I’m omnipotent. I got an e-mail from a fellow yesterday that said he was looking at a motorhome that was for sale for $119,000, and asked me if that was a good deal. I wrote back and said I needed a lot more information that that before I could even hazard a guess. He replied that it was a diesel pusher, but that was all the information he had. Really? That’s all you know? If it’s a 2013 Allegro Bus, it’s a hell of a deal. If it’s a 1973 MCI bus conversion, probably not so good. Tune in next week when I predict the Lotto numbers.

Thought For The Day – I’ve reached that age where my brain has gone from “You probably shouldn’t say that” to “Oh, what the hell, let’s see what happens.”

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  1. You realize that making that statement about the Lottery numbers that some Yahoos will actually believe you. You just can’t win! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. Nick just have Terry put in the new part. We finally have calm winds after three days of horrendous winds and rocking and rolling as well as very cold temps for this area. Today it is just 44 out. It is supposed to start warming up starting tomorrow, it is going to be in the low 60’s.

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