Dec 162012

Yesterday was pretty much a repeat of the day before. Terry started stuffing envelopes and worked nonstop all day long, and I wrote. By the time we called it quits late in the day, the back end of our Explorer was loaded with bins of envelopes ready to drop off at the mail service Monday morning, and I had another 4,000 words done on my new book. So we both got a lot accomplished.

Yesterday evening we heard a commotion and looked outside to find that they had a golf cart parade going on, so we stood in the doorway and waved and exchanged holiday greetings with the folks as they drove by in their decorated carts.

The Orlando Thousand Trails preserve has always been a favorite for Terry and me. This will be our third Christmas here. We don’t really use many of the facilities of a campground, like the activity center or pool, and we’re usually too busy to take part in things like potluck suppers or playing bingo. But we’ve always liked the layout of this RV park, the many choices for shopping and restaurants locally, and paddling our kayaks on the big lake here.

However we both were surprised to find that, after staying at Three Flags in Wildwood, we’re looking forward to getting back there. It’s just more laid back and not as hectic. This park is busier this year than we’ve ever seen it, and maybe that’s part of it. We still like it here. It’s just that we’ve found that we like Three Flags even better.

A few subscribers seem to have had a problem opening the link to our digital issue this time around, and while we were able to get them taken care of, a reader suggested that instead of posting a link to our website where the new issue is uploaded, why not just send out the PDF file as an attachment. It usually runs between 6 to 8 MB, sometimes a little bigger. Any comments from our digital subscribers? Is this worth looking into?

Today will be more of the same – stuffing envelopes and writing. Gee, we’re getting boring, aren’t we? But it’s better than being out at any of the stores fighting the mobs of Christmas shoppers. Are you ready for it to be over yet? I am. Bah humbug.

Thought For The Day – Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.

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  11 Responses to “Another Day, Another 4K”

  1. I personally like just getting the link to download the newsletter when I want. If you attach it to an email and we are checking our mail at a Starbucks or some place like that, we might run into issues.

  2. I agree with Barry.

    Cat Lady

  3. Normally I would not be in favor of having large attachments included in email. I like the idea of deciding for myself whether or not I want to retrieve a large document. But in this case, I cannot imagine a time when I would *not* want a copy of the newsletter, so why not skip the extra steps of having to follow the link to the browser and then retrieving the document. Since I already know I’m going to want it, why not have it there already in the message. Saves steps, saves time. So, in this case, I vote for including it in the email as an attachment.

  4. No bah humbug here. I LOVE Christmas. But then I don’t see Christmas and the fall season of holidays as commercial. I like thanking God, remembering the birth of Christ, the Christmas cantata at the church, the fun for kids, the family get togethers and remembering what we used to do as kids, the lights, the decorations, the parties with friends, the wonderful music, the fall change of leaves, etc. I’m still a kid at heart!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE Christmas – music, lights, decorations, family time, giving. Regarding e-mail PDF attachment, it would work for me.

  6. Please don’t send the digital paper as an attachment. I go over my limit each month as it is. I want to wait until I get to a place with free wifi to read it.

  7. NO! Thats our vote on an attachment. Our e-mail program wont let us get an attachment that big. 6 MB is the limit.

  8. I like to make the decision when to download the digital file. If we have a slow connection to the Internet, downloading a big file means we can’t even read other emails until the download is complete.

    The Christmas shopping scene is problematical because I hate crowds, but I like seeing everyone’s decorations on houses and RVs, and the spirit of giving and friendliness.

  9. Send it with the attachment and the link. The subscribers can choose which they prefer.

  10. On second thought, not all email works the same. It may indeed not work for some people with certain email programs.

  11. We received our first copy of the digital newspaper, had no problem opening it, I was pleasantly surprised just how great it is. We should have done it sooner. Thanks Nick

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