Are You Rich?

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Nov 292012

Did you buy a ticket for last night’s lottery drawing? Are you rich yet? Better you than me.

I’ve bought a few lottery tickets in my life, but probably not more than a dozen times or so. I’ve always lived by the motto that I can’t lose if I don’t play. Besides, that kind of money would really mess up my life.

We’ve all heard the stories about people who won huge jackpots and had their lives spiral out of control. The Denver-based National Endowment for Financial Education estimates that as many as 70 percent of people who come into sudden wealth are broke again within a few years. Lottery winners have experienced divorce, substance abuse, and even suicide because they are unprepared for a windfall of that magnitude. The most common problems reported are the demands placed upon winners by family, friends, casual acquaintances, and even strangers, all wanting a piece of the money. Family fights and estrangements leave winners feeling alienated and alone.

No, I’d just as soon keep my life simple. I like the friends I have because they accept me as I am, warts and all. I’ve only got a few family members I give a darn about, and a lot that I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for. I don’t want to lose any of the good ones, and I darned sure don’t want any replacements showing up on my doorstep looking for a handout.

And I really can’t think of anything I want. Sure, I’d like to have a fishing boat, but how often would I use it when we’re running around all over the place? I guess I could buy one of those big fancy Prevost  bus conversions, with more mirrored ceilings than a New Orleans cathouse, but that’s really not my style. I’d be tempted to buy a place somewhere here in Florida but then I’d feel like I should spend more time there, and I’d probably die of hitch itch. I think I’ll be better off just as I am.

Besides, I’d feel kind of guilty having Greg White working on my motorhome or fixing my computer while I’m off on my yacht soaking up the sunshine somewhere in the Caribbean. Smile

Since I’m not suddenly wealthy this morning, I guess I’ll just keep plugging away on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. I’ve only got ten pages to go and I don’t have to upload it to our printer’s server until Sunday night, so I’m in good shape.

Thought For The Day – Money can buy happiness, but only if you’re shopping for the right things.

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  12 Responses to “Are You Rich?”

  1. What I want to know is how you know what the ceiling of a New Orleans cathouse looks like?

  2. I looked that night when they called and asked me to come and pick you up because you were too drunk to drive.

  3. See, I know that’s a lie, because I took a cab.

  4. I know. I was driving the cab!

  5. You guys should go on the road! 🙂

  6. Nick, I didn’t know you had warts. Now I have to think of you in an entirely different way!

  7. I say that it depends on the person, how they respond to instant riches.
    You hear about people who destroy their lives after instant riches.
    I have very good friends who won the New Jersey Lottery some years ago. They had been below poverty-line, trailer dwelling “hippies” who worked hard and were starting to see the fruits of their labors when their ticket hit. They took the annuity payout and prospered. Tom continues to work. Bette was able to quit work to raise their family of two now beautiful young women, college tuition paid. It’s a great love and success story.

  8. We do, Rick, we’re just on winter hiatus right now.

  9. True, Jim. Years ago one of my employees won a $1 million lottery and invested it wisely and was able to put her four kids through school.

  10. We did not play, saved the $5 instead, but if we did hit something, we would not want a lot, just enough maybe for a new motor home and put enough away for our grandson’s college education. Since we do not really have any bills to worry about we are fine with what we have. We worked hard all our lives just like you and enjoy these fruits.

  11. G’evening Nick:

    We are on our way to Yuma. Please change our mailing address for the Journal from Michigan to 12521 46th Drive, Yuma, AZ 85367. Keep writing spirit!


  12. My wife and I have a good happy life. We have learned to be content with what we have. We don’t envy what others have so we don’t play they lottery to get more stuff.

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