I Need An Ark

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Oct 032012

It started raining hard late Monday night and never stopped coming down all day yesterday. Not just a rain, but a real gully washer, the kind that drowns frogs and floats boats. The kind that makes a man think he really should be building an ark.

It was a good day to stay home and do nothing. So that’s what we did. Well, at least we stayed home. But we always seem to have something to do. I worked on the new issue of the paper, which I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about by now, and Miss Terry spent the day catching up on bookkeeping, doing laundry, and proofing the stories as I printed them out.

I wasn’t feeling real well, and neither of us had much of an appetite, so during the afternoon I called Greg and told him that we didn’t feel like going out to dinner. In fact, the only time I went outside all day long was to dump our black tank and to take some trash to the dumpster.

So much rain had come down that the ground was saturated and couldn’t absorb any more, so it was sitting in pools everywhere. The runoff had carved trenches two and three inches deep in the gravel roads of the campground. Yeah, I need to get busy on that ark.

I have cabin fever and need a day off, so if the weather cooperates, today we may run into Lancaster to get some banking done, then play tourist for a while. There are some places we want to introduce Greg and Jan to in the Amish country around Lancaster. And those Amish men are supposed to be good craftsmen. Maybe I can find one of them to give me some pointers on building that ark.

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  1. Nick this is the URL to Al Bossence blog Travels with the Bayfield Bunch. http://thebayfieldbunch.com/2012/10/pheebs-i-split-roast-beef-lettuce.html

    Since you’re writing of needing an ARK you might want to read the Groaner’s Corner at the bottom of his post. It might be good fodder fo Bad Nick.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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