Happy Birthday Jan!

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Oct 252012

Today is our dear friend Jan White’s birthday and we get to share it with her! How cool is that? Happy birthday pretty lady! We wish you many, many more.

Now that we are all official “seasoned citizens,” I guess we’re supposed to start thinking and acting like old farts. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I mentioned to Terry, Greg, and Jan just yesterday that I am at what I consider to be the very best time of my life. Sure, we’ve got the occasional ache and pain that comes with age, but I have never felt more happy and content at any time in my life than I do right now. And all three of them readily agreed with me. My dad used to always say that youth is wasted on the young and I never really understood that. But I sure do now!

Working like a mad woman, with no breaks except to eat and sleep, late last night Miss Terry finished stuffing the last of the envelopes for the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and we will drop them off at the commercial mail service this morning. It always feels good to get that chore behind us.

Now we get to play tourist for a while here in Savannah. I can’t explain the very strong kinship I feel for this beautiful city, one of the oldest in the United States. But when we stopped here last year for the first time, I just felt a strong pull to the Historic District, with its beautiful old mansions, Live Oak trees draped with Spanish moss, and squares every few blocks, usually with a monument or statue in them.

Live oaks

Oglethorpe statue

It’s hard to pull myself away when I get down there. Would it be too weird to say that I almost feel like I have unfinished business there? Though I have lived in some big places a time or two in my life, I am not a city person and never have been. But I think I could live out the rest of my days in Savannah’s Historic District and feel right at home.

The congregation of the magnificent Cathedral of St. John the Baptist dates back to the early days of the city. The cornerstone was laid in 1835, and when the original church was destroyed by a fire in 1898, the present building was built, and opened in 1900.


Colonial Park Cemetery is so old that the last burial was held here back in the early 1850s. During the Civil War, Union troops occupying Savannah used the headstones for target practice.

Colonial Park Cemetery

And that’s just a tiny sample of all there is to see and do just in one area of this beautiful city. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet. We had planned to stay just one week, but it’s going to be hard to pull ourselves away. We just may have to shake up the Jell-O and see what happens.

Thought For The Day – Right now somebody is praying for the things you take for granted.

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  8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Jan!”

  1. SInce reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I’ve wanted to spend some time in Savannah. It’s on the “the list”.

  2. Reminds me of the song El Paso City, which was a sequel to the Marty Robbins classic El Paso, where the singer says he feels like he’s been there before though he never had been. Goosebumps man!

  3. It’s Hawaii that does it for me Nick,….the place where my soul feels most at peace.

  4. Lived there 36 years. Great city to play in.

    The Georgia State Railroad Museum and Historic Railroad Shops would make for an unbelievable future article for the Gypsy Journal. This right down town adjacent to the Visitors Center.

  5. Darn. I thought I was the only one to be so content with retirement.

    I always thought it was because I am basically lazy!

    I have much less “stuff” as a full timers, but have never been so “at peace” or so happy.

  6. an absolutely beautiful place. . .we want to return as well. . .too much to see in only a weeks time!


  7. You mean you might be a Southerner? Do tell!!!!!!
    Don’t miss a tour of Mickve Temple, third oldest Jewish synagogue in the US. Very unusual!!!!!

  8. I love Savannah. I got married there on one of the riverboats. We had decided to elope and wanted to go someplace neither of us had ever been so we picked Savannah. What a fantastic choice that turned out to be! It feels like home to me, too. We went back last year to celebrate our anniversary and we plan to visit again next spring. It’s definitely my favorite city.

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