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Oct 192012

After our long day on the road Wednesday and getting to bed really late, we slept in yesterday morning. A few moments after we did get up the campground’s maintenance man knocked on our door to tell us that the water was going to be off longer than expected, and if we needed to top off our freshwater tank we should do it then. But we still had quite a bit on board, so it didn’t take much to fill the tank.

I started out to upload the new digital issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday and send the link to our digital subscribers, and what a frustrating job that was! Usually it only takes a few minutes to upload the issue and then an hour or so to send out the link to all the different subscribers.

But with the terrible internet service we have here, it became an all-day job! Every time I tried to upload the issue, the internet connection would crash and it seemed like it would take me forever to get back online. Then I would try to start over and the same darn thing would happen again! By the time I was done, it had taken me over 3 hours to do what should’ve taken no more than 10 minutes. Once the issue was uploaded, I tried to look at it online to be sure everything was okay and it took 30 minutes to open. By then I was so frustrated that my blood pressure must’ve been up in the stratosphere.

And I still had to send out the link to our subscribers. And the same thing started all over again. I was not a happy camper.

Fortunately I got a break about 3:30 PM when my blog reader and Facebook friend Sonja Lee Bristow and her family came by to visit. Sonja has been giving me all kinds of tips on places to see and things to do in this region, and we’ll have to come back again just to cover all of them.

A few days ago we met Sonja’s mom, Nancy Lee, and her husband Billy, while we were having dinner. Nancy also follows my blog and she overheard us talking and came to the table to introduce herself. So she and Billy came along with Sonja, her husband, Reuben, and their daughter Rose, who goes to college in nearby Fredericksburg. Greg and Jan came over from their motorhome to join the party and we sure had a full house inside our Winnebago! But it was a wonderful visit; everybody was talking so much that there were 3 or 4 conversations going on at once.

As it turns out, they all lived just a couple of miles from the campground, and even have a full hookup RV site that they invited us to come and use anytime we are in the area. And the internet works at their place! That all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But as they say on those late-night TV commercials, but wait, there’s more! Reuben said he’ll even fire up his barbecue and smoke us up a bunch of ribs! We just may take them up on that the next time we come to this area.

Here’s a group photo of our visitors; that’s Nancy on the left, Billy, Rose, Reuben, and Sonja. What a nice looking group of people! And did I mention that they will let me park at their place for free, and feed me, too?

After our company left, we went to a place called Willey’s Barbecue for dinner and it was very good. Then we made a trip to WalMart to pick up a few things and when we got back home I started in on trying to e-mail the link to the digital issue again. This time the signal seemed better and I got them all sent out.

Today we’re going to go play tourist again, getting in some more sightseeing before we have to leave the area on Sunday.

Thought For The Day – Age is just a number that determines how happy, attractive, and able-bodied you are.

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  1. Great job on the latest Gypsy Journal Nick! I am sorry we never got around to attending a Gypsy Rally since we have been “full-timing” since 2008, general slavery (AKA “Workamping”) has always gotten in the way. We met you’all at 2007 L.O.W. Tucson which convinced us to sell our house so we could go RVing as I was doing 95% business travel back them. The fly in our ointment was with the economy crashing and my aerospace work getting outsourced to India. We went from a six figure salary & 5 months off a year to travel, to 2 months off a year and about 1/6th the income! It has been a great 5 years and we have made a lot of friends, but we’d like to go to more than just one rally every five years for sure. We are looking forward to leaving Wyoming and getting down to Sunshine Key (unfortunately after you have came & went already!).

  2. The new digital issue opened up fine and is great! I was up late reading it and got over halfway through before I was just too tired to finish. You really packed it full this issue didn’t you? We have never been to New England but after reading some of the stories you have in this issue now we’re itching to go

  3. Thanks for all the effort you put into the latest issue and getting it uploaded under difficult circumstances. It looks wonderful. Loved the front page picture since I have a deep fondness for old sailing ships. The story on Mystic Seaport and the Mayflower II were a real treat. Every issue keeps getting better and better.

    We stayed at Harbor View last summer and the Verizon service was very crappy then too. I called Verizon and they said it was because they were upgrading the system in that area. Apparently its still not done.

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