A Long Day

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Oct 182012

Yesterday was a very long day for us, and at least part of it was a lot of fun. I guess that’s better than a long day that was no fun at all, right?

We left Harbor View campground and drove about an hour south to visit with our friends Bob and Molly Pinner at the handsome 100 year old river house they are renovating near Callao. Located on what Bob calls a creek (but we would call a big river in Arizona) that eventually empties into the Potomac River, the place is beautiful. And Bob even has his own boat dock. Someday I want my own boat dock too!

Bob and Molly have been the directors of the Escapees RV Club Escapade rallies for the last couple of years, and while we have not been to one that they are running, everybody we have talked to has told us they are doing an excellent job. That doesn’t surprise us at all, because anything these two do, they give 100% to.

We had a good time talking about our experiences putting on RV rallies, our mutual friends in the fulltime RV community, and how much we all enjoy life on the road. While we were there, another fulltiming pal, Dennis Hill, called Bob, so I got to abuse him for a while, adding to the fun. It was such a nice visit that before we knew it three hours had gone by, and I decided I needed to get Miss Terry out of there, because every minute she was falling more in love with that house of theirs, and I think she was about to make them an offer.

Thanks for making time for us, Bob and Molly. We look forward to seeing you again somewhere down the road!

We drove about 80 miles to the south side of Richmond, passing through some beautiful countryside, to pick up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal at the FedEx freight dock. And like every FedEx and UPS freight dock we have been to in the country, before we could pick up our load we first had to wait for over an hour, even though we had called ahead and they said it was sitting right there waiting for us.

By the time we got loaded and back out on the road it was 8 PM, and we still had a 90 mile trip back to the campground! We also had not eaten all day, so we stopped for a quick dinner at Popeye’s on the north side of Richmond. It being dark, Terry was driving and we had a nice ride home, talking and just enjoying being together. After fifteen years together, we still enjoy each other’s company and never get tired of it or run out of things to talk about.

Today I hope to get the new digital edition uploaded, if the flakey internet here will allow it, and the links sent out to our digital subscribers. Then we’ll probably just hang out at home, getting our various mailing lists ready for the big mailing job ahead of us.

Thought For The Day – I’m young at heart. Slightly older in other places.

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  4 Responses to “A Long Day”

  1. Did you happen to drive near Providence Forge? A bitty place where we found a gorgeous barn apt to rent for the next 5-6 months or so before we have to head west. It is pretty country!!

  2. You can have a boat dock.

    You’re just not allowed to have a boat.

  3. Nick, I know Miss Terry likes her Breville oven. If anyone is interested, they’re on sale today at http://home.woot.com/offers/breville-smart-oven — tho’ “refurbished”, for $140 that ain’t a bad price!

  4. Nice seeing both of you…you both look great, but Miz Terry is lookin’ really good! Hope you’ve enjoyed this neck of the woods in the land of pleasant living….just keep the secret to yourselves! 😉 Hugs!

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