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Sep 022012

We ordered a case of printed copies of my second mystery novel, Big Lake Lynching, to sell at our rally. In the bottom of the box Miss Terry discovered a book called Complete Empathy, by L.K. Cooper. I thought it was added in by mistake until I looked inside and it is my book, Big Lake Lynching, with the wrong cover on it! And all I worry about is finding all the typos!

We had another eight or ten RVs arrive yesterday, and today is our official Early Bird parking day, so I expect we’ll be busy getting more rigs in and parked. We had some rain off and on yesterday, but as of last night the ground was wet but still firm. I’m hoping it will stay that way, but we can’t control the weather. All we can do is hope. Right now the forecast is for scattered thundershowers all week long.

If you are coming in for the rally, please be patient with our volunteer parking crew, who will be on hand to greet you and get you parked. They paid the same amount of money you did to be here, then they stand out in the hot sun or the pouring rain to help us make your rally experience the best we can.

Don’t be like the fellow Friday who jumped all over one of our volunteers the moment he got out of his RV, demanding that he get preferential treatment. There are no full hookup sites on pavement. Yes, you will be parked on grass. You will have electricity, either 50 or 30 amp unless you arrive really late and none are left. In that case you will have 20 amp power. There is a dump station and water to fill your holding tank.  It’s a fairgrounds and that’s all we have to offer.

I have a request from those of you who regularly send me forwarded e-mails. For the rest of this week, we will be putting in 14 to 16+ hour days, and by the time we finish up and finally get back to our motorhome, we will have just enough time to deal with pressing business issues, fill any orders that come in, shower, and collapse into bed. Please, please do not send me anything that is not an original message from you to me. I don’t have time to wade through all of the junk e-mail I get on a daily basis as it is, and during rally week it piles up and floods my inbox to the point where it interferes with business.

It’s late and I’m tired, so I will cut this short for tonight, and head for bed to prepare for the long week ahead of us. My blogs this week may all be abbreviated, but once the rally is over life will get back to normal again. Whatever the heck normal is for us.

Thought For The Day – No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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  6 Responses to “Under Cover”

  1. People still send “forwarded emails?” That’s so 1990! I haven’t had one since then. I use Yahoo email and direct all of them to SPAM. Saves my Iphone battery and my patience. Does anybody really need to see this crap?

  2. I don’t understand why you don’t just block the accounts of the people who send you email forwards. You’ve asked repeatedly for people to stop doing this so anyone who continues to do this is being very disrespectful to you. I bet 99% of the forwards are hateful trash anyway so why enable these people? Maybe if enough people would block them, they’d get the message and stop.

  3. You be sure to save the book with the wrong cover. When you get to be as famous as Tom Clancy, it will be a collector’s item. I can see it now. An auction at Christy’s (?) for over $100,000.


  4. Nick, sounds like you and your bride are burning out. Step back. Smell the coffee. I love your books and anxiously await the next one. But not at the expense of your health. But you already know this, but are louth to admit it. Looking forward to tiping a glass sometime.


  5. Nick and Terry Russell and normal don’t belong in the same sentence. At least I hope not because you guys work your butt off daily and year around. Thanks for your time and effort. It is noticed. You put out a heck of a good paper in the Gypsy Journal, your daily blog is always a great start to the day, and your books are great, not to mention all the other things you do for the RV’ers.

    Thank You
    Dave & Linda

  6. Why would someone get out of his rig and demand preferential treatment? Hope the rest of his week goes better for him than the time before getting to the rally. I’m thinking that he’ll get caught up in the fun and festivities and forget about how he felt before he got to the rally. Hope you and Terry have a bunch of fun also.

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