The Day After

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Sep 092012

With the Ohio rally behind us, we slept in yesterday morning, and when we did wake up we spent another hour so just snuggling and enjoying being together after our busy week. It was nice not to have to jump out of bed and be rushing off to do something.

When we did get up, we checked e-mail and Terry relaxed over a cup of coffee. Our friends Mike and Elaine Loscher, who had been parked next to us during the rally, left sometime early yesterday morning, long before we woke up. A little before noon, Stu and Donna McNicol moved their fifth wheel and medium duty truck into the newly vacated RV site so they could have full hookups.

Once they were settled in, they came over for a visit and we were soon joined by Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour and then Chris Yust. What a houseful in a motorhome! But we had a nice time visiting with everybody and Donna showed me a much easier way to add a table of contents to my books and e-books than I have been using.

The party broke up and Miss Terry made a WalMart run while John Huggins, from the Living the RV Dream podcasts, spent some time with me teaching me how to insert hyperlinks into that table of contents Donna had helped me with, so that e-book readers can click on a chapter and go right to it. Thanks Donna and John for all of your help!

Speaking of books, Crazy Days in Big Lake, the third book in the series, has been out three weeks now and as of last night was rated #64 for Kindle e-books on the Mystery & Thriller/Police Procedural list. Thanks for helping spread the word by telling your friends and posting such nice reviews.

We had been hearing a lot of noise from the racetrack here at the fairgrounds for most of the afternoon, so I walked over to check it out. It was a truck pull, and apparently the idea was to hook two pickups together by their rear bumpers and for them to take off in opposite directions seeing which one had enough power to pull the other along with it. I watched for a little while and came away convinced that there sure are a lot of ways people can find to waste time and money. But to each his own, right?

Truck pull

About 5 o’clock a bunch of us got together at the China Wok Buffet for dinner. Several people, including Charles and Chris Yust and Jim and Chris Guld are leaving today to head for the Escapade in Sedalia, Missouri so it was a last chance to have some time together before they hit the road.

We have been hauling five large coffee urns around the country to use at our rallies and now that that phase of our lives is over, they needed to find a new home. Elaine Loscher took one of them  to the Lone Star Escapees Co-op in Hondo, Texas, where they have a lot, and I loaded up the four we had left and took them to the local VFW post. They can use them and it helped free up a lot of space in one of our Winnebago’s storage bays.

Back at the fairgrounds, several of us sat outside swapping lies for a while, including Stu and Donna, Charles and Chris, Greg and Jan, Dave and Jean Damon, and Jim and Chris Guld. Here is a picture I took of Terry and Chris Yust. What a nice looking pair of ladies!

Terry Chris Yust

Today we are going to play tourist with Greg and Jan, visiting the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. We are looking forward to having a lot of fun. Tomorrow we will probably leave Celina and go to the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails preserve in Batesville, Indiana for a couple of weeks. Did I mention it’s nice not to have to be any place for a while?

Thought For The Day – By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step, he’s too old to go anywhere – Billy Crystal

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  8 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. So happy we did not wake you up yesterday when we pulled out just a little before eight. We were worried about the weather and wanted to make it at least half way to Branson before we stopped. We treated ourselves to actually stopping at a campground. Nick, Terry we will miss seeing you twice a year, but we know it was the best decision for you. We loved helping with the rallies and will miss them. You are very special folks as you know we love the two of you. Just stay in touch. You will need two days to do the Wright Patterson AF Museum it is totally awesome.

  2. Enjoy your relaxed time ahead of you Nick and Terry, you both earned it for all your dedication to the RV lifestyle. A slower paced life is always good for the health and well being.


  3. What Elaine said. You need two days to do the Air Force Museum. Be sure you take the bus over to see the various Air Force 1 planes.


  4. So proud of you guys for moving forward and letting go. . .giving away the coffee makers is only the beginning. . .LOL!

    Enjoy some down time. . .


  5. Enjoy your time off. We will still be reading everything you publish and following your recommendations on great places to visit!

    When Terry and I did the Dayton Museum we spent almost a whole day there. Loved the air field too … it was great fun imagining what the Wright brothers era must have been like “back in the day” ! You can even walk the foundation of the very first flight school ….great visionaries they were.

    C ya round 🙂

  6. Nick and Miss Terry, enjoy your time off and extend it as long as you are comfortable with it! Also, please hold a good thought for Suzy as she goes into the hospital Tuesday for knee replacement surgery!

  7. We met you a couple times in Elkhart where we have family. Always wanted to attend one of your eastern rallies but just didn’t make them due to medical conflicts. After our last tour to Texas this spring we decided to hand up our keys. I’ll be 90 in Oct. and Inez 78. It’s been a great time, from a HiLo to a C and now an A. We’ll continue our travels via Gypsy Journal and many blogs. I keep a map book on my lap when following you and many others. Keep putting your routes in your blog and we’ll continue riding shotgun with you and Terry. As an old retired weekly newsman to another, just avoid “30”.
    Owen and Inez Rood, Swartz Creek, MI

  8. Nick, I’m glad you’re looking into putting hyperlinks on your e-books. I bought your book “Overlooked Florida.” First of all, there’s no table of contents, which I thought was strange. It’s frustrating not to be able to click on a chapter title and be able to go directly to that chapter. If you were to add a ToC with hyperlinks to that book I’d pay for it and download it again. Thanks.

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