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Sep 302012

We were having dinner with RVing friends Stu and Donna McNicol and Greg and Jan White, and during our conversation the names of other fulltimers we knew came up several times. Later, driving home from the restaurant, Jan said that it was surprising how many people we knew in common.

That’s one of the many things I love about this lifestyle. By several accounts I have heard, there are over a million fulltime RVers; yet we seem to be part of a closely knit little community. I’ve said before that fulltimers are like the people in a small town; we all seem to know each other and most of us have the same basic values. The only thing that changes is the landscape.

Early in our fulltiming adventure, I would be surprised when we’d pull into a campground and find ourselves parked next to somebody we had met months ago on the other side of the country. Now when we arrive someplace, I look around to see how many people we know are there. I’m seldom disappointed by not seeing a familiar face or two.

Part of this is because we are all creatures of habit. Most of us have favorite campgrounds we like to return to in an area, and we’ll bump into the same people there. If you like the wide open spaces of the Southwest and enjoy dry camping, you can bet you’ll run into lots of like-minded RVers in Quartzsite, Arizona. If you like seafood and small towns, you’re sure to make some friends if you spend a winter around Rockport, Texas, and you can bet they will be there next year, too.

Another factor that has helped make our community smaller is technology. With cell phones, e-mail, and blogs, it’s easy to keep in touch. And that has become even easier with the rise of social media, especially Facebook. No matter where we happen to be traveling, all I have to do is log on and I knew where all of my friends are and what they are doing. If I say we are at the Hershey Thousand Trails preserve, or at Elkhart Campground in Indiana, it won’t be long before I hear from somebody who is also there, or will be arriving in a day or two.

And then there is kismet. We have been at an RV fuel island and had somebody pull in next to us that we knew. We’ve stopped at highway rest areas for a potty break or for lunch, and realized that the folks in the RV we’re parked next to shared a table with us at an RV park potluck dinner. Once we were sitting at an intersection in Crystal River, Florida and looked across to see our friends Tim and Ann Moran waiting for the light to change. I call it Small World Syndrome, and it no longer surprises me when it happens.

I guess I’ve always been a small town boy at heart, and even though my “town” may be in Pennsylvania this week, and Virginia next, or Florida this winter, I never feel like a stranger, because I know I will run into friends wherever I am.

Thought For The Day – It is not the quantity of friends you have, it is the quality of the friends you have.

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  8 Responses to “Our Little Community”

  1. Loved this post Nick – we so enjoy meeting people ‘down the road’…although we try hard to NOT go to the same places, ’cause there are so many places to see!

  2. We also enjoy meeting up with “RV Friends” along the way. . .later this week, a couple we met last year in this park in Texas is returning. . .we’re looking forward to several evenings of playing “Joker” at the community center. . .always fun!


  3. A lot of that is because as RVer’s we are so open and have met a zillion people. Just last night at the Winslow, AZ Elk’s we met a couple in the lounge. Discovered he was from OH also and she knew one of our Win friends. Then at the festival 2 blocks away we met a Win lady who is also parked at the Elk’s.

    Day before we took the 6×6 ride into Canyon De’ Chelly and talking with the others discover one had been born in our hometown.

    6 years ago at Colorado Springs we had Ohio day. Met 9 or 10 people all from Ohio and one was cousin to a co-worker. All one has to do is open your mouth and talk to people. More friends on the road then in a stick built. That’s the JOY of rving.

  4. All you tell here, makes us long for the RV lifestyle…maybe next year…we have some things we must take care of this year…but Hubby is retired now, so it is getting closer hopefully!!

  5. When this happen’s, it just proves to me again that, That like attracts like…
    loved your blog today

  6. We’ve met so many people from checking out blogs and writing a blog. Hey, I’ve even met Peggy, your first poster today!

  7. Re your thought for the day: In this lifestyle we get quantity and quality.

  8. Our part of this community is not nearly as big as yours but we met Donna at Life on Wheels where you were teaching. We were at Augie’s Quail Trail once when Donna & Stu pulled in a few sites down so we went to meet Stu. It starts to feel like 6° of separation, doesn’t it?

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