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Sep 032012

We got lucky and most of the rain that was predicted for the weekend bypassed Celina, and we’re sure grateful for that. We’ve parked RVs on a soggy fairgrounds before and it’s no fun.

We only had 31 RVs come in yesterday, since most of the Early Birds arrived on Friday, with a few more on Saturday. And most of those that did show up were alone, or with one other rig, which made parking them much easier. The new arrivals were strung out all day long; we parked the first one before 9 AM, and the last pulled up in front of our motorhome at 9:30 PM. I owe a big thank you to Mike Loscher, Greg White, and Stu McNicol for helping with the parking.

While we were doing out thing out in the parking lot, Miss Terry and her crew were busy inside the Junior Fair Building getting the vendors organized and set up, and then registering folks as they came in to get their name tags, rally schedules, and to check out the vendors. There was a lot of hugging going on as returning rally attendees and old friends were greeted and made welcome. I can’t remember everyone’s names who helped Terry, because registration takes a lot of volunteers to get the job done. But they included Jan White, Elaine Loscher, Marcia Jones, Nick Murabito, Donna McNicol, Barbara Westerfield, Haazra Mays, and Lynn Cross. I know that’s not everybody, so please forgive me if I missed you. But please know how much you are appreciated.

We still have a few folks who registered who have not arrived yet, but we’ll get them handled today. This afternoon we will hold our Welcome meeting, introduce our vendors, and have an Ask The Experts panel. Oh, and did I mention door prizes? We have a LOT of door prizes to give out this week, and they include everything from gift certificates from local restaurant to camp chairs, RV accessories, tickets to the RV Museum, gift certificates for free camping, and an Amazon Kindle. And don’t forget our Grand Prize, a Sea Eagle 370 kayak from Inflatable Boats 4 Less that some lucky rally attendee will be taking home with them!

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