Sep 152012

Miss Terry got to spend a couple of hours getting a workout at her new favorite place yesterday, the Jim. No, I didn’t spell that wrong. We try very hard to avoid those other gym places, where all the young girls with hard bodies and the guys with six pack abs are working out and getting all sweaty. Who wants to see that? 🙂

No, we went to Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio, which is in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. I hate shopping, but even I had to agree that this place was amazing! Think of a World Market for Trader Joe’s on super steroids!

Now, I’m basically a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so if you ever invite me to dinner at your house don’t waste time with salads or soufflés or things like that. Just give me fried dead meat and I’ll be fine. If you’re feeling particularly creative, go ahead and barbecue or grill the meat and I’ll be just as happy.

But if your palate is a little more eclectic, Jungle Jim’s has whatever you could ever want or need. We saw more kinds of rice than I ever knew existed, a huge section of gluten-free items, dried fruits, pastas, you name it and they have it. Does anybody want some Spotted Dick?

Spotted Dick

Get your mind out of the gutter; it’s an English dish of steamed suet pudding containing different kinds of dried fruit. I know these things because my friends Phil and Tracy May from TechnoRV are British. And, because I have Google! 🙂

For someone who loves to cook like Terry does, this was Nirvana. They have anything and everything you could ever possibly want. There was aisle after aisle after aisle of ethnic foods, a section with dozens of different kinds of honey, more cheese than the state of Wisconsin could put out a year, and meat so fresh you could almost hear it moo!

To give you an example, their seafood section doesn’t have just a bunch of dead fish on ice; you can walk over to one of their huge aquariums and select the lobster, striped bass, trout, or catfish of your choice as it swims around trying not to be noticed. Then, they clean it and fillet it right there for you.

Terry found a bunch of stuff she just couldn’t live without, and if we had more time and Greg’s pickup truck had more weight carrying capacity, I’m sure she would’ve bought even more. If you like food and you’re anywhere within 100 miles of Cincinnati, you really need to check out Jungle Jim’s.

When we left Jungle Jim’s, we made a stop at a Verizon store so I could pay our cell phone bill, since I hadn’t been able to do it online for some reason. After that, we stopped at Bass Pro Shop for a quick look around. By then it was 5 PM and everybody was hungry, so Greg found a LongHorn steakhouse, where we had an absolutely delicious dinner. Then we drove 35 miles or so back to the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails Preserve.

It had been gray and ugly all day long and looked and felt more like late October or early November than it did September. The temperature dropped down to 48o overnight, and tonight’s supposed to be just as chilly. Brrr! If this keeps up, I’ll be heading to Florida sooner than we had planned!

Thought For The Day – If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

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  1. If you eat food, Jungle Jim’s defies imagination. It has been on national TV and an article in national geographic magazine. They are opening a second Jungle Jim’s east of Cincinnati on St.Rte 32 this fall. It is supposed to be larger than the original!!! It is also very close to the FMCA campground for those that are members and are passing through the area. Also East Fork State park has a nice campground.

  2. Did you send the nasty weather here to Branson? Your rain jinx has arrived here in Branson. It had been nice for the first five days we are here and then yesterday it drop from the mid 80’s down to the low 60’s and the skies opened up and has not stopped raining since. Last night we also dropped to the low 40’s and I have had to did out warm clothes for today, It is still pouring down. I am so happy to see that you are doing absolutely nothing but playing tourist and relaxing for a change Stay safe

  3. I have great news everybody! Nick told me the other day he was writing a book on reverse psychology. Please don’t buy it.


  4. About those live fish you catch and eat !!!! When I was 14 I worked at a fancy
    place where they had the same sign up, It was my job to help catch the fish and then rush them back to the pond, making sure no one saw me ! Reason , The live ones cost 2 bucks more than the ones they ate from the freezer. You should have heard them rave about how good and fresh they were !

  5. I had the same problem paying Verizon. I finally used *611 and got ‘er done !! We do enjoy reading your blog. We go “fulltime” this Oct..Sure would be nice to bump into ya down the road.

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