I Was Wrong

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Sep 262012

Yes, I was wrong. No need to note that on your calendar or anything like that; I’m wrong a lot of the time. This was just one more instance.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog that the Pennsylvania Turnpike was one of the worst stretches of road in the country, and based upon past experience, that was correct. However, since we were last over it in 2008, the road has undergone a major upgrade, and most of the 176 mile route we drove yesterday from New Stanton to Harrisburg was an excellent road.

There were still several stretches where it was down to one lane for construction, but unlike much of the country, where miles of highway are coned off and nobody is working, all along the way we saw crews paving, striping, and tearing up old sections of the highway to make it better.

Road Construction PA turnpike

Rough road construction 2

Even with all of that smooth new pavement, it still wasn’t a fast trip, because much of the route winds uphill and downhill and around the sides of mountains.

Curvy road

And we even went through a couple of mountains in a series of tunnels. Tunnels don’t bother me like bridges do.

RV entering tunnel

RV inside tunnel 2

The trees are starting to show their Fall colors, and in another two or three weeks it’s going to be beautiful in this part of the country.

Fall colors

We left Triadelphia, West Virginia about 10 AM and pulled into the Hershey Thousand Trails about 3 PM, with 255 miles behind us. There are a lot of RVs here, but the place is far from crowded and we had no problem getting two relatively level back in 30 amp full hookup sites.

As with most places in the country, our Verizon signal ranges from pretty good to dismal and changes by the minute. We have two bars of 4G on our MiFi and it drops out and locks up on a steady basis. The old 3G air card is fast for a while, then it slows down to sludge. I have given up on ever getting a reliable signal anywhere. Verizon has the best coverage for fulltime RVers in most of the places we travel, but I think that only means that the rest of the guys suck even worse.

Speaking of cell phones and signals and all of that tech stuff, a fellow by the name of Eric Thompson sent me to a link to a blog listing some great iPhone apps for road trips. Several of them are also available for Android users, and I have two or three from the list on my Droid.

And last, but certainly not least, regular blog reader Joyce Space wrote to tell me that this Saturday, September 29, is Free Museum Day in the United States. You can download free museum tickets, with hundreds to chose from, by going to the Free Museum Day link Joyce sent me.

Thought For The Day – Ladies, if your husband says he will fix something he will. There really is no need to remind him every six months.

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  5 Responses to “I Was Wrong”

  1. Nick, your Free Museum Day link doesn’t seem to work, but here’s one that’ll get you there:


  2. LOVED the awesome colors you are in…they are just starting here in central NC!! Enjoy them while they last!!

    Well, so you are wrong at times…well, you have plenty of company in that corner!! Heh…perfectionism is not my name either.

    Happy travels!!
    Elizabeth in NC (for a few more weeks and then Virginia here we come!)

  3. iExit Interstate Exit Guide also didn’t work. I entered through iTunes as directed and tried different versions of the App, but still no luck.

  4. Sometimes the “experts” in the stores don’t know everything. I was told to purchase the Apps through ITunes and had no luck, but when I went to the iPhone’s app store, I had no problems! Two to go and I’ve got them all — except Pandora since I’d rather listen to the hum of the engine than music.

  5. I’ve never used cell phones for data, but my experience (10 years) for phone service between AT&T and Verizon is that they are equal.


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