Almost A Good Day

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Sep 122012

Yesterday was a good day. Well, at least it was almost a good day.

As promised, we slept in, because we had no place we had to be and nothing we had to do. That sure was a good feeling! And when we did wake up, we lay in bed for another hour or so, snuggling and enjoying being together with no distractions.

When we finally did get up, we just took it easy. Terry did some paperwork, I did some writing and then I submitted a new version of my Overlooked Florida book to Amazon, with a table of contents linked to the chapters inside the book. It should be live sometime today.

Sometime during the afternoon, I took some trash down to the dumpster and discovered that longtime readers Russ and Deb Davis are parked in the next row in their truck conversion. I spent a few minutes talking to them, and maybe we can get together again before they leave the campground.

Later I walked next door to see what Greg and Jan were up to. Unfortunately, Jan was feeling under the weather again, a holdover from Sunday when she felt so bad. I hope she gets to feeling better today. Being sick is no fun at all.

Miss Terry made a delicious dinner of cheese tortellini and sausage sauce, and since Jan had no appetite, we had Greg join us. I can’t let him miss any meals and waste away to nothing because sooner or later I’ll have something for him to fix, and I need him in good condition.

We had a nice visit as we ate and when Greg left, we enjoyed a quiet evening watching TV. As I said, it was a nice day, almost. The only bad thing was a dog tied up at the fifth wheel trailer across from us, which started barking early in the morning and never stopped all day long. I love dogs, but I have no patience at all for ill-mannered dogs or their owners. In this case, the problem was the owner, not the animal. It didn’t have any water or food and its rope was wound around one of the trailer’s jacks until it could hardly move.

I called the ranger, who came down and got the dog untangled and brought it a bucket of water, and I gave her some roast beef to feed it. But an hour later it was howling and barking again. The ranger said its owner is working on a local pipeline project and it looks like he’s here long term, judging by the junk around his rig. She said they would talk to him when he got in. He arrived about 9 PM and the ranger was right behind him. He took the dog inside, and things finally quieted down. Hopefully today won’t be a repeat of the same thing.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Bad Nick, not because he hasn’t had anything to say, but because there has not been any time for him to get near the keyboard. Yesterday he finally got his chance, so check out his new blog post, George Was Right.

Depending on how Jan is feeling, and how energetic we feel today, it may be another quiet day at home, or we may do some exploring locally. We’ll just take it as it comes.

Thought For The Day – I’m gonna live forever, or die trying.

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  3 Responses to “Almost A Good Day”

  1. I always have to laugh when you are writing about Greg…you are fortunate to have some very nice friends, obviously!!

  2. So, you say it was tortellini and Greg said it was Rigatoni ……. you boys need to get your act together. Even the smallest crack in alibis can come back to bite you on the backside down the line! 🙂

  3. Who you gonna believe, Rob, the man who sleeps with the chef, or some homeless redneck getting a free meal?

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