A Relaxing Day

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Sep 102012

We had planned to go to Dayton to play tourist yesterday, but Greg called and said Jan wasn’t felling well, so we stirred the Jello and decided to stay home and relax. I think all four of us were just as happy to do that anyway.

About mid-morning, Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour came by to tell us goodbye before they took off, and while they were here Charles and Christ Yust stopped in to do the same thing. They are all headed to Sedalia, Missouri for the Escapade. About the time they were leaving, John and Kathy Huggins stopped on their way out, too. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but we know it’s really just “see you later,” because we’ll meet up again down the road somewhere.

While Terry was busy getting things packed away and catching up on some chores she didn’t have time for during the rally, I got our air compressor out and topped off all of the tires on the Winnebago and Explorer. While I was doing that, Greg came over and put the new hubcap on our passenger side duals to replace the one we lost a few weeks ago on a rough stretch of highway in New York.

Once that was done, I pulled an old manuscript for a mystery novel up on the screen and spent a couple of hours going over it to see if it was something I wanted do anything with. I tweaked it a bit and decided it might be worth the effort, even though I only have three or four chapters finished so far. This may be the first book of a new series that I will bring out. I’d like to do one book in the new series, then another Big Lake book, and then rotate back and forth between the two series. I will work on it some more and see how it goes.

Speaking of books, will you do me a favor? If you like a good mystery, check out Buyer’s Remorse by my friend Traci Hilton. It’s currently free on Amazon’s Kindle bookstore and hovering in the two-digit ratings, somewhere around 17 last night. I’d like to see Traci give away a bunch of copies today. Who knows, maybe we could push her up toward the top? She’s a good writer and her mystery series is well worth a read. Check it out and download a free copy.

A little after 5 PM, we had dinner then went to Menard’s to buy some charcoal water filters, since we could not find any when we were in Elkhart. Back at home, I surfed the internet for a while, catching up with some of my favorite blogs and websites. I think I have finally worked my way through a huge backlog of e-mail from rally week and if you have been waiting for a reply, I appreciate your patience.

Overall, even though we got a lot accomplished, it was a relaxing day. We need more of them. Today we’ll drive about 120 miles to the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails preserve near Batesville, Indiana. We’ll hang out there for a while, maybe as much as two weeks, then we plan to head east again and spend some time in Pennsylvania before we start south for part of the winter.

Thought For The Day – An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.

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  6 Responses to “A Relaxing Day”

  1. Hi Nick & Miss Terry,
    Thanks for the tip on the free e-book, got it & will check it out.
    Travel safe.

  2. I also downloaded the book after your FB posting. Traci said the series does not need to be read in order. Hope to start it this week and will post a review on Amazon.

  3. Nick, Thanks for the tip on the book. I’ll download soon. Here’s a link for you if you LOVE a good joke and we all know you do! http://thesouthjerseydeviler.com/index.html Someone gave us a copy of this paper and we loved it! Are you planning on being in the Pocono area for when the leaves change? We won’t get there until mid-Oct but you have a great part at Timothy Lake South, part of the Thousand Trails network. If we’re there the same time, Lenny and I would love to show you around the Poconos and share the history of the area and the beautiful display of the leaves changing colors. Plus, there is a great Chinese buffet and even better Bar-b-que place to eat at! Enjoy your down time with Miss Terry…see ya down the road.

  4. There is a wonderful meat market in Batesville. Also there is a winery that has excellent food. There are several areas connected with the Underground Railroad in this area of Indiana, Madison is an interesting place to tour.

  5. I’ll bet the most relaxing thing is realizing that you do not have to begin preparations for the next rally right away!

    We wholeheartedly support your decision to stop organizing the rallies, though we will miss them. Having watched you and Terry run your butts off at three of them we understand the toll they must have been taking on your health and sanity. Thank you for all of your efforts.

    Safe travels guys, but don’t stop blogging!

  6. Nick, I have a hard time going on Amazon to get books. They only have the option of putting it on my wish list. Then I don’t know how to go ahead and get it. What am I doing wrong? Appreciate your help.

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