7 Directions At Once

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Sep 052012

It feels like Terry and I have been going in seven directions at once, greeting and visiting with rally attendees and doing everything else that is involved in running an RV rally. Yesterday Terry was up at 5 AM and out the door an hour later to get the coffee made and get her donut serving crew organized. Then she spent most of the day working the registration desk, making sure everything was running smooth, and putting out all of the small fires that come up during an event.

I slept until 7 AM, then headed out the door to grab a donut and visit with folks for a while. Then at 9 AM I presented my Gypsy Journal FAQs seminar, in which I talk about how we got started on this wild adventure, how and why we do things the way we do, and answer any questions people may have about the paper, my books, and our rallies.

Then I had to run back to the motorhome for a telephone call with the fairgrounds in Yuma about our Arizona rally. As soon as that was over, I helped park a couple of RVs that arrived late, and pointed the people toward the Junior Fair Building to get registered. Then from 1 – 2 PM I did a seminar called Laugh Your Way Across The USA, which is just a chance to share silly stories from our years on the road and have some chuckles.

Terry shooed everybody out of the building just after 5 PM so we would have time to grab a bite to eat, and by 6:30 we were hauling door prizes up to the stage for the evening’s presentations. We gave away a lot of excellent door prizes, including campground stays, RV accessories, a $100 gift certificate from Makarios RV, and an Amazon Kindle e-book reader.

As soon as that was done, Larry and Melissa Beahm, better know as One More Time, took to the stage and presented a wonderful concert full of foot tapping, hand clapping music, with everything from show tunes to golden oldies, to appearances from Elvis, Cher, and Nancy Sinatra. I’ll tell you what, if you haven’t heard this husband and wife couple perform at an RV rally or campground, you’re missing a good time!


We finally got back to our motorhome sometime after 9 PM, and spent a couple of hours getting the blog written, catching up on the day’s paperwork, and getting things ready to do it all over again today. Like I said, seven directions at once!

And now I have a difficult announcement to make. As most of you know, we have been burning the candle at both ends for way too long, between running the Gypsy Journal, writing and publishing my books, traveling to gather stories for the paper, and holding two rallies a year. It has taken a toll on our motorhome, on our finances, and even on our health. We’ve known for a while now that something had to give. Just as we were toward the end when we were teaching at Life on Wheels and trying to maintain that crazy schedule, we are burned out and not having any fun.

After a lot of soul searching, a lot of talk, and many, many tears shed, Terry and I have made the difficult decision to stop holding our Gypsy Journal rallies. We love the interaction with our extended family of RVers, we feel there is a real need for the quality of the educational seminars we present, and we know that a lot of people will be disappointed with this news. But our first obligation has to be to ourselves, to our marriage, our health, and our business.

We have no intention of stopping our travels or of publishing the paper. And who knows? If we take a year or so off from holding rallies, we may come up with something new. We have talked about holding some informal get-togethers, where we will be at a campground for a week or so someplace and anybody who wants to can show up and hang out with us, sit around the campfire and swap lies, and not have all of the pressure and responsibility of a rally to deal with.

But first we are going to take some time to rest and relax without having to be someplace or be locked into a schedule, and to return to the reasons we became fulltime RVers in the first place.

Thought For The Day – Let your past make you better, not bitter

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  54 Responses to “7 Directions At Once”

  1. I know it was a hard decision for you guys to make, but i am sure it was also the right one. Best wishes, smooth traveling, and hope to see you somewhere down the road. :>)

  2. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Terry and I totally support your decision and wish you all HAPPY travels in whatever you do.

    We will buy your books just because YOU wrote them and we know you put 100% honesty, integrity, heart & soul into everything you two do. Your wisdom and way of sharing with others will find another vehicle when the time is right …. for YOU – which IS the most important criteria.

    Sitting around a campfire with you all is HIGH on our bucket list, and when the timing is right we’ll be there.


  4. I understand completely. Jim and I have been fulltiming for 13 years now, and had talked about working 2 more years, (this year and next year) and then going home to our little house in Georgia. My illness and hospitalization in May/June has made us look at our finances, our lives, and our health, and make a decision that for us is right. We’ll be hanging up the keys, at least for now, and starting a new phase of our lives soon. We have enjoyed most every minute of it, and have no regrets whatsoever.

  5. Good for you. The rallies stopped paying back all your effort several years ago so I am not surprised to see them go. I’ll miss them but I didn’t attend regularly enough to have it make or break me the way it was breaking you two. Thanks for being there for us when we were just starting out, though, first at Life on Wheels then your rallies. I’m still enjoying your books and your blog and that’s enough of your effort to keep me happy.

  6. Lenny and I support your decision 100%. I’m glad we were able to get to at least one of your rallies. We can still enjoy your blog, books and company (when our paths cross) in a more relaxed setting. Enjoy life while you can…nobody gets outs of it alive!

  7. I think you are making a wise decision on the rallies. I was glad that we were able to attend one of your Yuma rallies. You really do put on a great rally and while you will be missed; you have to do what is best for the two of you. Best of luck in all your ventures and travels.

  8. We bought our rig in early 2010 and the third outing we did was attend your rally at the Elkhart campground. It was our first rally and we learned so much and had a great time. While I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to attend another, I’m really glad we got to go to one! I fully understand your decision and will continue to support you guys. Reading your blog daily is a habit I can’t seem to break! Thanks for all you do and have done for the RV community!

  9. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend two Yuma rallies where I learned so much, met you and Terry and many other wonderful people and had so much fun.
    I am glad that you and Terry have made a decision that will relieve you of the financial and physical and emotional stress of putting on the rallies and let you enjoy more of the benefits of the RV life style, take care of your health and spend time with family and friends. I look forward to reading more of your writing and wish you the best as you continue with your travels and writing and you take some time to relax and rest a bit.

  10. Nick & Terry, It was a difficult decision, but definitely a wise one. Don and I are so sorry we weren’t able to be there for this last rally, but we’re there with you in spirit. The contributions you two have made to the RV world, in helping educate RVers, provide venues for sharing and fun, and giving us a place to socialize, to name a few, are invaluable. Now it’s time to turn that energy to things that will enrich your personal lives and help you enjoy the RV lifestyle for many more years.

  11. Nick and Terry……we understand. Mike and I “retired” from our PressurePro business on Jan 1 this year. The last few months have been wonderful. Enjoy your “retirement” and take care of yourselves. Hugs ……Pat

  12. We always enjoyed the Yuma Rally and so happy that we had the chance this year to attend the Eastern one. It’s always nice to leave the game when you are winning. Thanks for all the hard work.

  13. Mike and I have loved the rallies, but we have been concerned about you and Terry for both your sanity and especially your health, for sometime now especially after Yuma last year. We will miss seeing the two of you and having so much fun twice a year, but it is time to put the rallies to bed for awhile (I hope) and now maybe you can stop in Hondo for a visit before you head home to AZ. The folks who do not understand your reason for stopping are just selfish and we know not everyone understands your reasons. Thank you for letting us share these times with you. Have fun and relax, we love you both

  14. Hi Nick, I’m sorry that I have not yet been able to attend one of your rallies and now it looks like I never will, but I totally understand your and Terry’s decision. Life is short and one must prioritize! Good luck and keep up the good work on the blog and newsletter. Bob

  15. Nick, we fully understand and respect your decision. We had the honor of attending 4 Gypsy Gatherings, Casa Grande, Celina, and 2 Yuma’s. We would be at your Celina rally right now, but our oldest grandson is getting married this Saturday and we have family from out of town here this week. We hope to cross paths with you and Terry in the future, you both are very special people. We will continue to read your blog and the Gypsy Journal. Bernie & Carole Patton

  16. We were so disappointed that we had to cancel our visit to your Elkhart rally (due to the death of my Dad), but we are SO glad we had the chance to attend two of your Yuma rallies over the last three years. It feels like the end of an era.

    But, good for you. Making this decision must have been hard, but I believe it was the best thing for you and Terri. Best of luck, and please keep writing those novels!

    — jc&bev

  17. Nick, I know this decision wasn’t an easy one to make as you guys put on an outstanding rally. Although I’ve never been to another rally put on by Good Sam or Escapees, the ones I’ve read about never have the schedule of events and seminars like you’ve had nor the bang for the buck. Just like the other comments from the fine folks above, we also support what you’re doing.

  18. Terry & Nick,

    Nancy and I will miss attending your western Gypsy Gathering but we too have known for some time that you guys were wearing yourselves out and that it was only a matter of time before you had to make a change.

    We support you guys 100% in this decision and our paths will cross at some point as we travel across this great land. We’ll continue to enjoy the Gypsy Journal and your daily blog.

    Thanks so much for all the fun times we’ve had at your rallys. Now we hope you are able to rest a little as you travel and stay healthy.

    We get only so many heartbeats and at the end of the day if you haven’t been enjoying the journey it’s time to make a change.

    God Bless.
    Cal & Nancy Hall

  19. Nick & Terry;Just let us all know where you guys are and the suggestion of a mini rally,without all of the work sounds like a great idea.

  20. We will miss the rallies but not the work. We as volunteers see how much you put into it. Now you can be like us and just wander around seeing & doing what you want. I know our paths will cross and we can sit around and swap lies or better yet go out to dinner. Love you guys and enjoy life. That’s what it’s all about.

  21. This is sad news for us, but good news for you and Terry. We couldn’t get to this year’s Celina Rally and thought, well, there’s always next year. We have learned so much at your rallys from you and your speakers and now you have reminded us of yet another lesson — there’s not always next year!

    As I follow your blog I’ve wondered lately how you do it all and still have peace and fun. That’s what the RV lifestyle really is supposed to be all about, peace and enjoyment. But it is so easy for those of us who are over-achievers to find ourselves back in the old rat race and wondering how the devil we got back there!

    So, because you have been so good and helpful to us in more ways than you will ever know, we rejoice in your decision. It is the right decision for you and Terry! Yes, we will miss your rally’s; they are the only ones we went to after Life on Wheels. However, because you are taking care of yourselves and doing what you need to do to stay healthy, we are assured that there will be a new kind of “next time”.

    Wishing you all the very best. We will continue to follow your blog and enjoy the Gypsy Journal and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you “down the road”. Expect the knock on your door — but we’ll check the curtain first! 🙂

    Chuck and Claire

  22. We know it was a tough decision for the both of you, but it had to come. As you said it was taking a toll on the both of you, health wise and otherwise. Take time to recharge your batteries as we will always follow on your blog. We haven’t hit the road yet, but I know we will meet somewhere out there on the open road. We regret not being able to attend one of your rallies as we have so much to learn. But it is what it is.

    Best wishes and Happy trails…

  23. Nick and Terry,

    A well-made decision. You will look back on today as being the day you changed your life for the better. Your rallies filled a much needed void in the RV community and perhaps someone else will step in. BIG SHOES TO FILL. But your health and happiness should come first.

    All the best.

    George & Sandy Stoltz

  24. Glad you made the decision to do what’s best for the two of you. Informal gatherings are fun, too. Down the road, if you get the desire to organize an event, that might be a way to promote your interests without the stress of scheduling seminars, finding sponsors and door prizes, yet giving some of the RV community a chance to come together to learn from each other. In the meantime, enjoy life and each other as you travel this great country.

  25. We applaud your soul searching decision and, especially the fact that after taking a deep breath and being rested, you may reconsider doing a rally again. That sounds like an all around good choice. Leaving a door open to other possibilities always helps in the decision making process. Now, the big question is…do you both remember how to relax:)

  26. Looks like we missed the boat, Nick, by not being able to get to the last three western rallies, but even during the early ones, we could see how terribly hard you guys worked. We’re behind you 100%, and if you are going to be a magnet for an informal gathering anywhere nearby, we’ll do our damnedest to get there. Have a great life, guys, take care of each other!

  27. Yes, Bravo! We are glad we had the chance to attend a rally and meet both of you. Time for you and Terri to take time, smell the roses, and travel at your leisure. I get tired just reading your blog during a rally. I really do not know how you do/did it.
    Take a deep breath and go enjoy yourselves relaxing.

  28. Nick, I know it was hard to decide to do this, but it sounds like the best way forward for you and Terry. Maybe it will give us some time to put some lead downrange…. 🙂 And if you get bored with all your free time come see me – I’ve got some stuff for you to do….. 😉

  29. So glad we got to attend the Yuma Rally last year.

    Now it’s time for the two of you! Doens’t it feel good to have finally come to a decision?

    BTW, loved all three of your “Big Lake” books. Can’t wait for the next one. I’ve grown quite fond of Sheriff Weber.

  30. You have to do what is best for YOU and, having read your blog every day, I believe this is what is best for you and Miss Terry. We would love a campfire get-together some time. Thanks for the great rallies and the memories, Nick & Terry.

  31. They were great Little Rallies much better than the Mega Rallies, we are glad that we had the opportunity to attend 2. May all the roads you travel be smooth and good health is with you and Terry.

  32. Good for you!!! Life is not worth all this pressure and you’re getting older, like the rest of us. You need to “enjoy” your retirement, so I know this will relieve a lot of pressure. We are looking forward to the Yuma rally, but knowing that will be your last should give you a chance to take a big sigh of relief!! We think the world of you two and want you around for many more years. Hope we can run into you sometime in our travels.

  33. Nick,
    Your rallies are always highly anticipated and appreciated. They will be missed. Please know that we support and applaud your decision to take care of Terry and yourself above all else.
    We have attended every eastern rally and one in AZ and cherish them all for the contacts and friendships we’ve made.
    Now get to work and write more books!

  34. When I read the first part of your blog describing how Terry once again was getting up at 5AM to start the coffee, I thought, “Oh, no!” But then, when I read that you decided to stop doing the rallies, I thought, “oh, yes!”

    We know the small world syndrome will kick in and and we’ll see you down the road.

  35. Although I regret that we never made it to one of your rallies, I rejoice that you chose to care for yourselves.

    I was always amazed that you two and your small team of volunteers were able to produce two excellent rallies a year for so long that seemed to have at least as many seminars, vendors, and quality entertainers as Escapades did with a much larger staff. I am surprised you did not burn out sooner.

    Enjoy a break and do that from which you get pleasure. I look forward to reading your further adventures on your blog and reading each installment of your Big Lake series.

  36. Add me to those who are very disappointed to have never made it to one of your rallies, but who totally understand and support your decision to take care of your own selves. As someone who is exactly your age, I am looking at my own changes this year, and thinking that it is time to remake life a little bit. Sounds like much of the joy has gone out of the rally experience for you, especially weighed against the toll it takes.

    I hope someone comes up with a way to offer educational opportunities for those of us who are hitting the road long after the Life On Wheels and Gypsy Gathering rally deadlines have expired. We need to know a lot of things that I’m sure are best learnt directly from the experts. Maybe that informal get-together can include a bunch of experts who are willing to lead informal seminars and pass the hat. I know I’d be willing to throw some cash into each and every one for the benefit of their hard-earned wisdom.

    Until then…. hang in there and enjoy this last time around!

  37. Nick and Terry. Gary and I have enjoyed your rallys and thank you for your hard work (and the volunteers too). We wish you both peace, good health and safe travels. Looking forward to Big Lake # 4!!! Deb

  38. Nick and Terry. Pat and I were sad to hear of your decision, but we wholeheartedly support the two of you. We know it was difficult but the work that you have put into these rallies have made all of our lives better. We look forward to sitting down with the two of you in a campground of your choice and discuss the good times that we have had together. We are sorry we are not with you in Celina with you but like Don and Sharon we are in Red Bay for repairs. God bless the two of you in your new adventures.

  39. Thank you thank you thank you, Nick and Terri, for all your hard work these last few years. We made 2 of your Celina rallies, and people are right – they were the only replacement there was for Life on Wheels. They were wonderful. We will always follow your travels and writing as we greatly enjoy the Journal and the Big Lake series.

    Now go enjoy yourselves!

    Susan and Ron

  40. Well, I am disappointed that you will not be doing these…just when we finally retire and can get on the road too…but it is ok, as you must do what is most important for your marriage and health!! I am sure the troubles the crazies at the Arizona place are giving you no doubt helps you make this decision!! Such things drive many life events…ours included!! Blessings on your future and hopefully one day we can meet someplace where you are camped!!
    Elizabeth in NC

  41. Congratulations on your decision – I bet you two will sleep a little better having made it. I sure wish we’d been able to come to a rally, but maybe we’ll just run into you some day down the road.
    Cyndi and Don from SoCal

  42. Nick and Terry all tho we are disapointed about your decision to stop the rallys, we fully understand your decision to do so. Your health and well being is so much more important than any rally. We wish you the very best and support your decision. We look forward to seeing you and Miss Terry somewhere down the road. We will be following your adventures on the blog and in the GJ. Please continue the books. Both Linda and I have enjoyed your three Big Lake stories and anticipate more..
    God Bless and Safe Travels
    George and Linda Loutzenhiser

  43. Congratulations on making the hard choices to take better care of your health and to turn a corner towards less stress in your lives. I’m sure that you will both breathe a lot easier once you can slow down from this last event and begin to really feel free from putting yourselves through the ringer each time with all these rallies.

    Nick, now you will have more time for writing, and Miss Terry will have more time for knitting, baking and cooking. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

    I hope to see you somewhere on down the road one of these days.

  44. You and Miss Terry need to do what is right for you. Your health and happiness are far more important than any rally. That being said, I sure am kicking myself in the rear end for missing out and not changing my schedule to allow me to be in Celine. I’ve never attended a rally before and frankly, the GJ Rally is the only one that interested me.
    Safe and happy travels!

  45. I will miss your rally,s but your health is worth more, may our paths cross soon and may our health keep us out doing the things we love. Meeting people and helping them into the life of RVing!!!

  46. Pete and I were disappointed that we won’t be attending one of your rallies now that we are full-timers, but can certainly understand. You are a very brave man to make that tough decison and I applaud you for it. It’s not easy to do. That said, I really hope to meet up with you and Miss Terry on the road someday. It would be great to see you featured as a speaker at some other rally. I am very interested in your writing and would like to pursue this kind of thing myself someday. I’m in the midst of your third (and dare I say the best?) book. Each book has gotten better and better and I laugh out loud often while reading it. You’re a talented writer and I can only hope to be half as good as you someday. We’ll see you on the road!

  47. I’m sorry we never made it to one of your rallies, but it sounds like the right decision for you both at this time. Take care of each other, and with any luck, our paths will cross on the road someday. All the best — Susie C. & Steve

  48. Good for you. Take care of yourselves and smell the roses. We have never attended one of your rallies but the Yuma 2013 was on our list. We have always heard such good things about them. Too bad for us but an excellent choice for you and Terry. We have run into you a number of times traveling this great land and every time you have taken time to visit even tho you were going fifty different ways. I often wondered how in the world you did it. Thanks for all you do. Keep the books coming, writing your blog and just learn to relax, that’s the most important thing. See you down the road.

  49. Because of your earlier plea to hold back comments and emails during rally week, I had not planned to comment just now about your decision to pull the plug on the GJ rallies. But, what the heck… Getting this great feedback must be satisfying, knowing we all support your decision. We have attended five Western Gatherings and have marveled at the breadth of seminars you have offered since the demise of LOW. I am happy to have had an opportunity to have presented at the last 3 Yuma rallies, including the time you called at midnight to see if I would facilitate a 9am workshop. Of course I would because YOU were asking. I know you are not retiring but just changing your job description. Knocking something off the “To Do” list is to be celebrated. Thank you Nick and Miss Terry for EVERYTHING you do to help RVers.

  50. Just want to add our support to all of the others. Good for you and Terry for taking care of yourselves! We did get to one of the Celina rallies (think it was the first one) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ll be watching, and reading, to see where your travels take you and maybe we’ll get to catch up one day.

    Enjoy the journey!

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