Where Did The Day Go?

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Aug 022012

Well, the weatherman was right. It poured several times yesterday. At one point we had water streaming off the front of the motorhome like a fountain. The interior roads here at Sturbridge Outdoor World are dirt/gravel with a lot more dirt than gravel, so we had some massive mud puddles that the many kids here in the campground had a lot of fun splashing around in. I told Terry it looked like they were having a good time, but I was glad they weren’t my kids and I wouldn’t have to clean them up. 🙂

Since it was raining, we were in no hurry to get out of bed, which was nice for change. I didn’t poke my head outside all day long, except for once, when I went to move our Explorer from where it was to a higher, hopefully drier, location. And I was glad I did, because where it was originally was soon right in the middle of one of those big mud puddles I just mentioned.

I spent some time on the telephone trying to locate a place to have our mail forwarded to. The campground won’t accept visitor mail, and the local post offices in the two nearest towns told me that they don’t accept general delivery mail and I would have to open a PO box. I tried to explain that we are fulltime RVers and don’t need a PO box, but they are used to the hordes of seasonal campers who come to the local RV parks and stay all summer, and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) seem to accept what I was saying. It looked like the only place we would be able to get our mail would be at the main post office in Springfield, which is over 30 miles away. This is frustrating as hell and we’ve run into it a couple of times over the years. Yeah I know, you can file a complaint and yada, yada, yada, but who has time for that? We’re not going to stay here the full fourteen days we have reserved anyway so I’ll get it sent somewhere more RV friendly. And the post office wonders why they’re going broke?

Ever since I uploaded my books to the Amazon Kindle bookstore last year, I had one that I wasn’t able to format correctly; Highway History And Back Road Mystery. The book has been out in paperback for several years, and of the nine books I have written, it’s my personal favorite. The problem was the many photographs in the book. A while back one of our readers offered to help me with the project, but we had so many things going on at once that I lost their e-mail and couldn’t remember who it was, and then got busy with other things. But one of my author friends on the Amazon Kindle forum took the time to explain the process to me and after some frustrating time spent trying to get Amazon’s new formatting software downloaded, and a lot of help from Miss Terry, it was actually pretty easy. It still took me most of the afternoon and evening, but that was because I had to undo a lot of the existing formatting in place for the print version. Finally, about 10 PM, I uploaded the book and the cover files to Amazon and they should be ready sometime today.

By the time I got that all done, with a break to have a delicious stir fry dinner that Terry made for me and then got the blog written, the day was gone! That happens a lot when I get involved in a project and lose track of time, but it was worth it. Well, it will be, if anybody buys the new e-book. 🙂

Today we plan to drive down to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, which is a place I’ve wanted to visit for years. We will leave early, since my mapping program says it will take us about about 90 minutes to get there. And yes, we plan to stop and have dinner at Mystic Pizza! How could we not?

Thought For The Day – Wag more, bark less.

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  1. Great, can’t wait to order it. It’s not live yet. When will the new Big Lake book be out NIck?

  2. My latest book, Crazy Days in Big Lake, is in final proofing now and my friend and fellow author Dale Roberts is busy designing the cover. Hopefully it will be ready in two or three weeks.

  3. Deputy Sheriff Josh Mitchell was shot and killed as he and other officers searched for a suspect in Big Lake, Texas, shortly after 6:00 pm.

    The suspect was encountered in the 1100 block of Main Street and he opened fire on Deputy Mitchell, fatally wounding him. Deputy Mitchell succumbed to his wounds while being transported to a hospital in San Angelo.

    The suspect barricaded himself in a nearby home and remains at large.

    Deputy Mitchell is survived by his wife.

    Read more: http://www.odmp.org/officer/21348-deputy-sheriff-josh-mitchell#ixzz22O1sc36V

  4. Nick:
    With St. Brendans Isle mail forwarding service you can view all of your mail online every day. If you want to read the mail, you can press scan and read the mail the next day. We have used them for years and everything has been perfect. An additional benefit is they are located in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

  5. We were in Texas in a dirt RV park a couple of years ago and it rained a inch and a half all night long. In the morning there were a couple of little kids cane fishing the mud puddles, sure missed a great Kodak moment,

  6. So the PO can refuse to accept your general delivery?? Never heard that, but then yes, it does explain a lot about them and why they are going the direction they are. What about UPS…would they accept a pkg for you in a “general delivery” way?? Or one of the other delivery places…of course, no doubt it costs to do that…

  7. Just don’t expect to recognize any staff at Mystic Pizza from the movie. 🙂

    Great news about your books!

  8. Send our reguards to Charles W Morgan

  9. I thought it was very good pizza!!!

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