I Still Don’t

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Aug 122012

In yesterday’s blog I said that I had nothing to report. I still don’t. What can I say?

Just like I have the last few days, most of yesterday was spent working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. I got a lot accomplished, knocking out another eleven pages, which leaves me with just seven more to go. So I felt pretty good by the end of the day.

I did take some time off so we could go to dinner with our friends Charles and Chris Yust to celebrate her birthday. We went to a restaurant called Dandino’s in Goshen, which is one of their favorites. The food was excellent, and of course the company was wonderful. But the only downside was a couple of tables with very loud people nearby, which made conversation difficult.

Back at our motorhome in Elkhart Campground, Ron and Brenda Speidel and our friend Al Hesselbart from the RV Museum joined us for some delicious lemon party cake that Miss Terry had made for Chris. It was delicious and a hit with everybody. Chris was really touched and said nobody had made her a birthday cake since she was a little girl.

When you cram seven adults into the front of a motorhome it doesn’t leave a lot of room, but that didn’t keep us from having lot of fun, and I’m sure anybody walking by must have wondered what all the laughing was about.

When I uploaded my book Highway History and Back Road Mystery to the Amazon Kindle bookstore a week or so ago, there was a glitch and the photographs didn’t come through. Several of my friends from the Kindle Authors forum gave me some tips and after a couple of false starts, I think I got the problem solved. I reloaded the book Friday night and when I checked it yesterday afternoon the photos were in place. Success!

Charles Yust asked me if I wanted to go with him to the gun show in Shipshewana today and normally I would have been happy to go along. But I need to get the paper finished to make our Monday deadline with the printer, so I begged off. I told him it sucks, but six times a year I do have to work! 🙂

As soon as I get the paper finished we will have a few days lag time before it’s printed and ready to mail out. I’ll take advantage of that time to get the info letters sent out to the people who have registered for our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally. It won’t be long now and were looking forward to all the fun! I hope we see you there.

Thought For The Day – I’m so old that I remember when nostalgia was current events.

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  5 Responses to “I Still Don’t”

  1. You do realize, don’t you, that quite often WE’RE the loud table nearby.

  2. For a guy who says he has nothing to report, you write a fine blog just the same. Let’s face it Nick, not every day can you report on the goofy people who come across your path. Some days they are in Greg and Jan White’s neck of the woods.

    And I think Greg’s comment above is most likely true.

  3. Nick – I am going to register today for the rally and we plan to come in on
    Sun. to avoid Labor Day traffic. However, we are Passport America members
    so how do we work the extra day? Do we just pay the fairgrounds and pay you
    the $125.00 ??
    See you soon.

  4. Well, sometimes NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS!! Sure wish we could make it to the rally but probably not this time!!

  5. Virg,
    No, you would register as Early Birds and pay us the $140 fee directly. If you want to come in before Sunday, you would pay the fairgrounds office for those days.

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