Aug 112012

That’s right, I have nothing to report. Nada. Zilch. If you came here looking for excitement, news, information, or wisdom, you’ve come to the wrong place this morning. I’m about as worthless as a politician’s campaign promises.

About the only interesting thing I have tell you is that today is our friend Chris Yust’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is, because you’re not supposed to ask ladies their age. But I know, and she’s really old! Happy birthday, Hillbilly! You know we love you!

Yesterday was a cold, gray, rainy, ugly day here in northern Indiana. It felt like it should have been sometime in late October, not mid-August. It would have been a very good day to dress up in my sweats and my fuzzy Teepee Creepers slippers and nap on the couch.

But, that wasn’t going to happen because I had a lot to get done on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. So I parked myself in front of the computer and stayed there all day long. The good thing was that, with the nasty weather outside, nobody came by to interrupt me and I got a lot of work done.

Our mail had caught up with us and we had a ton of orders to fill, so while I was working on the paper, Terry was doing that. Sometime in the afternoon we took a break to run to the post office to mail everything out, do some banking, and then we stopped at Culver’s for an early dinner. Culver’s is our favorite fast food place in the entire country, and their Cheddar Butter Burger with a side of cheese curds can’t be beat. Yummy!

We got back to our motorhome at Elkhart Campground and I quickly changed into some sweats to warm up, then got right back to work. By the time I knocked off, around 11:30 PM, I had 18 out of 36 pages done. If the weather stays nasty and I keep this pace, I’ll make deadline with no problems.

Terry had an appointment with her oncologist in Traverse City, Michigan next week, but the doctor’s office called yesterday and told her that Dr. Heimberger didn’t feel she really needed to come all the way up there for her routine checkup since she had seen her primary care doctor in Tucson in March. So that’s one less thing we have to get done before we head to Celina for our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally.

Several people have asked when our Arizona rally will be next year. It is scheduled for February 25 to March 1 at the fairgrounds in Yuma. This is a little earlier than it has been, and hopefully we will be able to attract some more folks who’ve been hanging out in Quartzite boondocking, before they start heading out on their travels.

And that’s it folks. Like I said, I have nothing to report. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will have a lot more done on the paper, and maybe I can come up with something interesting to write about in the blog for you. In the meantime, back to work for me.

Thought For The Day – Morning sex is wonderful to wake up to, unless you’re in prison.

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  3 Responses to “I Have Nothing To Report”

  1. Thanks Nick for having nothing to report. I’ve been looking for refuge all morning long to escape the incessant droning of politics. The fact that you had nothing to report was refreshing. Let’s declare this a day of just spacing out.

  2. You made up for having nothing to report with your thought for the day.

  3. Culvers is wonderful! (When you go there, do you make sure you get their Senior discount?) Being of “that certain age” really does have a few perks!

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