Busy As Bees

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Aug 292012

We have been busy little bees here at the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio as we get ready for our Gypsy Journal Rally. But we are getting a lot accomplished and things are moving right along.

I reported a couple days ago that there had been a change in fairgrounds management and we were told we were going to have to pay $200 to use an old wooden stage during the rally. The new manager came over to our motorhome and we got that straightened out. As it turns out, there was a miscommunication between she and her staff and the $200 figure we were quoted was actually the price she had arranged for us from a stage rental company if we decided not to use the junky one the fairgrounds has. That one we can use for free, but the more we looked at it the more we decided it would be worth spending the extra money for the rental stage. The man delivered it and Mike Loscher and I helped him get it unloaded and set up. It’s not as tall as other stages we have used, but I think it will do the job.

Most of yesterday was spent printing out copies of our different RV guides and making up copies of our 7-in-1 CD so we will have plenty for the folks who want to buy copies. Sometime in the afternoon I ran out of paper, so we will have to pick up more today so I can finish that job.

Since I didn’t have time to leave my iMac at the Apple Store in Mishawaka, Indiana for repairs, I used the new Asus laptop I bought to make the CDs. I was impressed; it did a very good job and was pretty darn fast too.

While I was printing out the RV guides, Miss Terry was busy stapling them together and putting labels in the CD covers. It’s a two-person job and we’ve pretty much got it down to a science after all these years. We have been very blessed to have grown a successful business on the road, and even more blessed to have a wonderful marriage and working relationship that makes any task fun. I have known many married couples who could not work together on a daily basis and living together in such close quarters at the same time could really put a strain on things. But for us it works very well.

Around 5:30 PM we went to a local restaurant called CJ’s HighMark for dinner with Greg and Jan. Greg has been out pounding the pavement rounding up door prizes for the rally. What would we do without all of our hard working volunteers? They all do so much for us and make our job so much easier.

There are only five or six RVs here, but more should be coming in any day. I’ve gotten a number of calls and e-mails from folks, as has the fairgrounds office, asking if it was okay to arrive a few days early and beat the holiday weekend traffic. No problem, there is plenty of room, so come on over!

Thought For The Day – The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

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  1. In Greg’s blog today he mentioned how much gas has gone up in one day.
    (For some reason, I cannot post comments on his site). We are 135 mi.
    north of you in Michigan and ours went from $3.95 to $4.09 unleaded and
    from $4.09 to $4.25 for diesel. Yes, fortunately, we did fill up both of our
    vehicles on Mon.
    Hope you can keep Isaac south of you. Don’t need a repeat of soggy grounds
    like last year.

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