Back In Elkhart

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Aug 092012

Terry had a restless night, but I slept pretty well at the travel plaza on the Ohio Turnpike and woke up ready to finish our trip to Elkhart Campground.

We only had four hours to go, plus the time for a stop at the Flying J just south of Toledo for fuel. This was another one of those stupid places where it would only let me pump $100 worth at a time, then it would cut me off and I had to put the card back in and restart the pump. The excuse I always get is that this is the restriction imposed by the banks, but when I’ve asked my bank about this they say there is no such restriction. All I know is, I have used the same card at lots of other places and have bought over $300 worth of fuel and haven’t had a problem. After going through that nonsense twice, I knew I had almost a full tank so I didn’t repeat the procedure a third time. It’s just money Flying J didn’t get that I’ll spend somewhere else.

When we crossed the Maumee River, Terry took a picture of this rusty old railroad bridge. I hope it’s sturdier than it looks.


We cruised across Ohio and into Indiana and I went through every tollbooth along the way without hitting anything. Hopefully Tuesday’s brain fart was an isolated incident.We passed through a lot of beautiful farm country, and it’s a lot greener than it was when we left here a month ago to go to New England.



We’ve got a thing for old barns, and Terry found a couple to take pictures of along the way. From the looks of them they may not be there the next time we go through.



Just after 2 PM we arrived at Elkhart Campground and pulled into our regular site, and were thrilled to see our friends Ron and Brenda Speidel’s beautiful Winnebago Journey parked next to us. The last time we got to see Ron and Brenda was last winter down in Mission, Texas. They will be presenting several seminars at our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally in just a few weeks.

Speaking of the rally, our pal Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour wrote to tell me that she and Jim plan to do a special five hour long Hands-on Android boot camp on the Saturday after our Ohio Gypsy Journal rally. The workshop will be limited to just four people and will be held right there at the fairgrounds in Celina. Chris said they already have one person confirmed for the workshop, so that leaves just three openings. For a full description of all that they will be offering, see ‘Smart Phone Boot Camp’ on their seminar descriptions page at . Every seminar and workshop the Geeks put on is always a hit and attendees give them rave reviews, so don’t miss this opportunity. Check their website and sign up now.

We had a nice visit with Ron and Brenda, and then the four of us drove to El Maguey for dinner. Charles and Chris Yust also arrived in Elkhart yesterday afternoon, and they met us at the restaurant. The food was great and the company was even better, and we shared a lot of laughs. After dinner we all came back to our motorhome and visited for a while, and yeah, we did a lot more laughing there, too.

Now I have to get to work. I have four days to get the new issue of the paper ready to go, so we will have to keep socializing to a minimum until that’s out of the way. I also have a huge backlog of e-mail to work my way through, so if you have contacted me and it wasn’t something pressing it may take me a few days to get back to you. I appreciate your patience.

Thought For The Day – It is a sad day when you realize that it’s not accident, or time, or fortune but just yourself that kept you from realizing your dreams.

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  4 Responses to “Back In Elkhart”

  1. Wow – your thought for the day speaks volumes!


  2. Nick:

    I have two thoughts. The first is that Flying J’s frequent fueler card should have given you a higher limit. The problem that I have found is that not all Flying J’s are part of the program. Grrr…

    Secondly, the banks guarantee the merchants $75 worth of charges. The merchant then is on the hook for any balance above that. So the merchant says it is the banks fault and the bank says no it’s not. The merchants can accept some of the risk and set their limit anywhere they want but many hesitate to do that. Grrr again…


  3. Nick, Get a Flying J C/C, you get .06 cents off per gallon and as long as you pay in full each month, it costs you nothing. No restrictions on fill up, however the one down side is its thru Good Sam! Bob

  4. Bob, I’d rather deal with the card hassles than deal with the Good Sam Club.

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