Jul 172012

After our fast trip from Indiana to Massachusetts, we were more than ready for a day off. So yesterday we slept in, making up for those early mornings of the previous three days. It was a very strange day, hot and humid, and though there was blue sky overhead, there were times when the clouds moved in to cover up the sun, and it looked like twilight in the middle of the day.

Since we got to the campground a day early and we didn’t have any specific plans for the day, we decided to just take it easy. We stayed in our comfortable loungewear all day and never opened the door. It seems like we’re always busy doing something all the time, and sometimes we need a day like this, when we can just veg out.

Not that we were idle all day long; I answered a number of e-mails, checked in on some of my favorite blogs that I haven’t had time to read lately, and did some writing. Terry got some laundry done, surfed the Internet for a while, and made us a light dinner.

One of the e-mails I got was from a lady complaining about rude campground owners. She and her husband have taken a year off to travel the country with their three boys, and she said that at the first two campgrounds they have visited, the owners have come to their RV to complain about her sons’ behavior. She said there were other children in the campgrounds, and the owners never went to their parents to complain. She asked me if all campground owners are that rude. I wrote back to tell her that if those campground owners had to stop whatever they were doing and come to her site to complain about her kids and none of the others in the campground, I was pretty sure the problem was in her own home.

Some readers have asked how I like the Droid Razr Max cell phone that I got a couple of weeks ago. There is a learning curve with any new piece of technology, and I’m still finding my way around the phone, but overall I’m very impressed with it. I liked my previous phone, a Droid Incredible, but the Razr has some features that I really appreciate.

Especially the battery. With my old phone it was all I could do to get through a day before the battery went dead under normal use. I have a 12 volt charger in the Explorer, and routinely plugged it in everywhere we went, just to keep the battery working until the end of the day. If I were to watch a video, or use the phone’s GPS for navigating someplace, the battery went down super fast. But with this new phone, I have used it for navigating, watched videos, and had many long conversations during a day and never come close to using 25% of the battery capacity. Since I have unlimited data with the phone, I have tethered it to my computer a few times to access the Internet, and it’s much more reliable than our Verizon 4G MiFi device. And even then, the battery holds up just fine.

It’s supposed to be very hot again today, so we’re not sure what we are going to do yet. We have a lot to see in this area, and Wednesday we are supposed to have scattered thunderstorms, so we can’t sit inside forever. We’ll just play it by ear and see what the day holds in store for us.

Thought For The Day – Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep a night. Nine if you’re ugly.

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  7 Responses to “We Never Opened The Door”

  1. Have you upgraded your Razr Maxx operating system to Android v. 4.0, commonly called “ice cream sandwich”? I just sent you a link from Motorola.com with an easy to follow set of tutorials that compares the old and new systems.

  2. I am always so happy to hear that you and Terry are taking a day off and just relaxing, well your way of relaxing. It makes me laugh when someone else blames their monsters for behavior, never themselves. It is still hot and very muggy here in Iowa but no rain, both of us would love to be able to sit in the rig but Mike is teaching two seminars today on E-readers and the I Pad then on window 7 round table. I am going to be busy serving coffee and donuts then help the ladies of the 365 Club get ready for the big row party this afternoon. be safe and try to stay cool

  3. It’s good to loaf, Pete and I are getting REALLY good at this. I agree with Pete that you need to increase the cost of your rallies…substantially. I don’t know how you are doing it for that low price. I’m looking forward to your Yuma rally as we’ll be in that corner of the world this winter. I’m hoping you have some writing workshops or blog seminars. It will be good to see you guys again.

  4. Those days of going no place and just resting are great….and glad you can have them in your RV, just as much as a stick house…maybe more, if no one knows you where you are!!

  5. Yup… We’ve camped near kids like those… They misbehave because their parents aren’t paying attention to them, and the parents tune them out because they misbehave so much! Viscous circle, eh? Good parents would know exactly where their kids are and what they are doing every second in a public place…. especially in this day and age!

    Glad you are taking a break and geting some rest!!!!!!

  6. Nick, Sprint sent that “ice cream sandwich” upgrade to my phone and since then I have not been able to open my bank app and when I try to go on your blog, the phone shuts down. I went to the Sprint store yesterday and they told me it was due to this upgrade and if I wanted, I could try to have it taken off my phone. In order to do that, I have to go to a repair store and was not able to do that yet. I would be sure that is what you want to do before you do the upgrade.

    Thought you might check with Jim and Chris to see if there is something on your blog that is blocking this new upgrade. The bank is another problem.

  7. Butch has ice cream sandwich on his Droid Razor Max and I have it on my Xoom tablet. We both love it. It is not a lot of major changes, just a lot of little things that make the device easier and more fun to work with. I can have Butch E-mail you with more info if you wish.

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