Trip Preparations

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Jul 132012

Most of yesterday was spent getting ready for our trip to Massachusetts, which begins today. When your house has wheels under it and you’ve been sitting still for a few weeks, things have to be put away, secured so they don’t move around while in transit, and tidied up.

Okay, let’s be honest, most of the tidying up involves my desk and my work area. My beautiful wife is too polite to call me a slob, but that’s the truth. I tend to have a dozen or more little slips of paper littering my desktop, upon which I have scribbled notes to call somebody or send them an e-mail about something, ideas for one of my books, phone numbers that I never have a name to go with so I wouldn’t know who I was calling anyhow, and such.

Along with those scraps of paper, I also have a couple of ink pens, my reading glasses, napkins (“hey, I may be a slob, but I do wipe my face when I’m eating!”), and whatever else I’ve allowed to pile up. I know it drives Miss Terry nuts, but what can I say? I am what I am. I always put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket, I hang my towel up after showering, I wash out the sink after brushing my teeth, and I stack my dirty dishes in the sink. But my desk is a disgrace; a guy has to have someplace where he can spread out!

Terry got most of the things stored away that could be done, rotated the driver’s and passenger seats forward from their in–campground position; turned into the living room to provide visitor seating, and got as much as she could done so we would have less to deal with this morning.

We also changed our primary and secondary water filters, and filled our freshwater tank, since we will probably be boondocking for the next three or four nights. The water here in Elkhart has a heavy mineral content, and when you’ve been here a while you start to notice orange stains in your sinks and the toilet. We always try to have fresh water filters in when we arrive, and replace them when it’s time to leave. Several places in the country are like this; out in Yuma, Arizona, they actually have water stations all over town where you can pull in and fill water jugs so you don’t have to drink or cook with the hard water there.

Besides all that, Terry also found time to make four delicious loaves of her oat and flax bread, which she shared with one of our neighbors here the campground, our friends Tom and Diane, and Al Hesselbart from the RV Museum. Terry loves to bake, and everything she turns out is fabulous, but unless we have someone to share the largess with, I ask her not to indulge her culinary talents too often. I have absolutely no willpower, and it all tastes so good, which is just not a good combination. If I ate everything she wanted to make, I’d never be able to fit through the door of our Winnebago.

After the chores were done and the loaves of bread distributed, we met Al Hesselbart for dinner and had a nice visit while we ate. Al is going to present several of his RV history seminars at our Ohio rally. Back at the campground, Tom and Diane came over for a visit, and brought ice cream. Not just a little bit of ice cream, but four half-pints of hand packed deliciousness from Culver’s! We still may have to enlarge the door of the motorhome before it’s all said and done. 🙂

We plan to drive about 350 miles today, to the Elks Lodge in Erie, Pennsylvania. They allow overnight RV parking in a designated area of their parking lot, and it’s convenient to the interstate to get on and off. It’s going to be good to be back on the road again, that old hitch itch needs scratching.

Thought For The Day – Courage is resistance of fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear – Mark Twain

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  9 Responses to “Trip Preparations”

  1. I’m first!
    Have a safe trip.
    See ya here tomorrow 🙂

  2. Where is here Vicki?

  3. Thanks Nick for sharing about the state of your desk. I have your twin here who can probably match you paper for paper and depths of stacks:) We leave today also…going in the opposite direction to Angel Fire. Have a safe trip.

  4. We will be traveling tomorrow.(2) miles along the Siletz River Highway in Lincoln City,OR for another five days on this beautiful Pacific coast. I sure do like that kind of run! You’r going to like Cape Cod,our favorite place! If you can fit it in,visit The Marconi Station.Hope that bridge doesn’t scare you too much.

  5. today is the day I also have to clean the pile of paper work and stuff that has accumulated on my table this week. we have been on the go with our 365 club here at GNR and everything has piled up. It is also do the laundry etc. Have a safe trip and do not push yourselves to hard. See you in a few weeks in Ohio

  6. There is an old WC Fields silent film called “The Stockbroker” or something similar that you would enjoy. I can’t find it on YouTube or I would give you a link. The film starts with Fields being a stockbroker with multiple phones and a very messy desk. The boss comes in, tells him he is very overdue for a vacation and sends him away. Then the boss has someone clean up and organize the messy desk. When Fields comes back he can’t find his notes and he can’t do his job, since he has been “organized”. The movie ends with Fields panhandling.

  7. Nick, I’m a note person too. I now have a new way. You might want to try. I use the “notepad” in my iPhone. I never lose important numbers and list anymore. It is great! I currently have 54 notes 🙂 Ongoing grocery list, medical info on DH and I, to do list, things I want to but etc. It sure is handy.

  8. I wrote:
    See ya here tomorrow 🙂

    Nick wrote:
    Where is here Vicki?

    Here is here @ Nick’s Blog! (sorry for the corn-fusion 😉 )
    I’m not on the road yet, but enjoy following you & Miss Terry on your blog.
    Carry on… safe travels.

  9. Just read meandering down the Hwy.. what a hoot. You made me laugh at the gas prices and the old computers / technology from 1999. My husband and I are first time RVers. We bought a diesel pusher in April and 2 months later we drove from OK to Yellowstone and MT RUSHMORE. I downloaded your book on my kindle and read it on the trip. Love your blog. Almost cried when I read about Terry’s diag. She and I are sister survivors..
    Love your blog. Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

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