Stormy Weather

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Jul 192012

We woke up to gray skies overhead yesterday, and decided that it would be a good day to just stay home and stay off the road. The predicted thunderstorms that were supposed to come to this area yesterday arrived right on time, in mid-afternoon.

About 3:30 PM the already gray day suddenly turned as black as night. The wind picked up and started blowing small branches off the trees overhead, which rattled across the roof of our motorhome. Then the rain began, and in no time at all there were small floods in all the low spots around us. Fortunately we were high and dry, so we weren’t in any danger.

I looked at the weather radar to see a large band of orange and red sitting right on top of us and told Miss Terry that I was glad we had decided to stay home. I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be out on the roads in that mess! Several times the power went off and then came right back on.

Strangely enough, through it all our television never lost its satellite signal. Usually it will start to deteriorate and breakup when the weather gets that stormy. But the weird thing was, after the worst of the storm had passed on by I changed the channel we were watching to catch the news and got an on-screen message that the Dish Network receiver couldn’t acquire a satellite signal. I switched back to the channel I had just been watching and couldn’t get it either. Usually when that happens the problem clears up fairly soon once the weather stabilizes, but this time it never did come back on. I flipped through the channels and was able to get three of the hundred or so that are available to us, and they came in just fine. But nothing else would work.

I thought that maybe the wind had knocked our automatic rooftop dish out of alignment, although that had never happened before, so I pushed the button to stow it and the dish went into a long sequence of searching for the satellites. A couple of times it said it was locked on and peaking, and then it would go right back to searching again. I finally gave up and hit the button to stow it again and it finally cranked itself down. A few hours later, after the sky was pretty much clear, I tried again, still with no success. Maybe I’ll have more success today.

Though the storm system was pretty nasty, and there was a lot of local flooding throughout the region, it moved through pretty fast. We were glad of that. But I sure did feel sorry for the tent campers and folks in small pop-up trailers here in the campground as they waited out the storm.

Today we plan to play tourist again and visit a couple of places in Plymouth. I think the schedule of touring one day and staying home to rest the next day could work out pretty well. However, fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, there is more to see and do around here than we have time for as it is, so I’m not sure how many of these leisurely days at home we’ll have.

Thought For The Day – By changing the inner attitude of our minds, we can change the outer aspects of our lives.

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  3 Responses to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Nick,
    We are in Shepherdsville, KY and I was watching TV when the storm hit. The Diamondback game channel went out and kept saying searching. I finally went to the other channels and they worked. I hit the reset on the receiver and everything started working again.

  2. Nick not sure if this will help or not. But I have found that unpluging the reciever for the dish for 10 seconds and then plug it back in brings my signal back a lot of times. Not sure if this is the same problem as you stated it was still searching for a signal.

    Just an idea, hope it works for you!


  3. Hi Nick and Terry! I think your storm was our storm a couple days ago! Impressive when it was happening, branches and detritus all over (which Ed helped pick up) when it passed thru, and sunny skies afterward. Ah, mama nature!
    Always enjoy seeing what you’re doing…even when you do nothing! (pretty much MY fave!) Take good care!

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