Jul 222012

The bad thing about being workaholic self-employed fulltime RVers is that we tend to spend a lot of time working at the many projects we have going on at any one time. One day may find us touring the local attractions and collecting stories for future issues of the Gypsy Journal. The next day we may be out dropping off bundles of sample newspapers at RV parks, or staying at home pounding the keys writing stories. There is always more to do than there are hours in the day.

The good thing about being workaholic self-employed fulltime RVers is that if we decide to take a day off on the spur of the moment, we can do that, too. We slept in later than we expected to yesterday morning and we really couldn’t get motivated to do anything much, so that’s what we did! We just stayed home all day.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I did a little bit of work. I spent a lot of time going through my new book, Crazy Days in Big Lake, polishing the story and tweaking things here and there. Miss Terry always has plenty of projects to keep her busy, so she puttered around doing some laundry, defrosting the freezer of our Norcold refrigerator, and crocheting. So it wasn’t a totally wasted day after all.

After I reported in the blog the other day that I had finished the first draft of the new Big Lake book, I had several people asking when they can order it. It will still take a while to get all the proofreading done and the corrections made, plus I still have to design the cover. I would say we’re probably about a month away. If I can get it done sooner I will, but I don’t believe in rushing things and turning out something mediocre. I’d rather take the time to do it right.

Today we plan to go to New Bedford, which was the center for the whaling industry back in the 1800s, when more than half of the world’s whaling ships called New Bedford their home port. Visiting there is another thing that’s been on my bucket list for a long time.

I have had several people asking about full hookups at our rally in Celina, Ohio. The fairgrounds only has a few full hookup RV sites, and they are reserved for people with special needs, on a first arrival basis. That means that people with a handicap parking plate or permit. Everybody should have electric power, and there are water bibs all over the place to fill your holding tanks. But to speed things up on parking days it would really help us if you come in with a full freshwater tank and empty waste tanks. There is a dump station at the fairgrounds.

Electrical hookups range from a very few 50 amp sites, quite a few 30 amp, and lots of 20. And yes, you can survive for four days on 20 amp electric, even if your RV has a 50 amp plug. We have done it many, many times. You can’t run your coffee pots and your hairdryers and your microwave ovens, but you can keep your batteries charged and your systems operating with no problem at all. And you don’t even need your coffee pots, we will be providing coffee and donuts every morning for free!

Thought For The Day – If you spend too much time thinking, you’ll create a problem that was not even there in the first place.

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  5 Responses to “So That’s What We Did”

  1. It’s good to take a day off – in fact it’s necessary to recharge YOUR batteries, so lay back and enjoy!

  2. I am always happy to hear that you and Terry are taking a day off for yourselves. I know how hard the two of you work. This is exactly what we are doing, after two weeks of running our fanny’s off at GNR we are as you say recharging our batteries. I am so looking forward to your next book, cannot wait for it to come out soon. See you in a few weeks Be safe

  3. Yes, your rally attendees can be on 20 amp for 4 days, we just did 17 days in brother in law’s side yard for niece’s wedding. We even ran the ac, just put everything else on propane.

  4. Ron wants to know, do you have an editor? We’re not sure how this publishing thing works.

    And if you don’t, kudos! The first two books read perfectly, to our eyes.

  5. Miss Terry proofreads everything I do, from the blog to the Gypsy Journal, to my books. After she does her thing, I have at least one other volunteer reader go over a book again.

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