Jul 072012

Thank you to everybody who e-mailed yesterday expressing concern for my health issues. I spent most of the day resting under the air conditioning vent, I must have drank a couple of gallons of water, as well as Propel, and by the end of the day I was pretty much back to normal. Or at least as close to normal as I ever get.

The thermometer topped out at 104°, and today is supposed to be our last triple digit day. Sunday’s high is only predicted to be 86°. You know it’s been hot when you’re looking forward to it only being in the mid-80s! 🙁

I didn’t get much work done again yesterday, but I did post the tentative schedule for our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally on the Rally Registration Page. Scroll down the page and you can see the rally schedule at this point. We still have several seminar spots to fill, and I’m sure there’ll be some last-minute changes like there always are, but this will give you an idea of just some of the interesting and educational seminars we have planned for you. If you haven’t registered yet, what you waiting for?

People have been asking if there will be an Arizona Rally next winter, and if so, when. It will be February 25 – March 1, at the fairgrounds in Yuma. After that Terry and I will evaluate how this year’s rallies worked out for us and make a decision whether or not to continue with our rally program as is, to cut back to one rally a year, or to drop them altogether. As I wrote after the Yuma rally this year, as much as we enjoy the rallies and love getting together with all of our readers, they take a huge toll on us mentally and physically, and the cost of putting on the rallies has risen to the point where we are losing money on each event. Obviously, that can’t continue.

Yesterday afternoon our friends Diane Rojewski and Tom Owen came by for a visit, and we had a nice time solving most of the problems the world. They invited us out for dinner, but I wasn’t feeling all that well yet, and asked for rain check. You know I’m not feeling good when I turn down a free meal! 🙂

Soon after Tom and Diane left, my pal Greg White called from Texas to tell us that they had moved to a new gate and they had a couple of days off before the drilling crew started working again and Greg and Jan had to get back to doing their thing as gate guards. Greg said the new location has good solid 3G Verizon service, so he wouldn’t have to use the long external antenna he had rigged up. We are looking forward to seeing Greg and Jan in a few weeks at our Ohio rally.

It was a busy day for the telephone; after dinner my friend Mike Howard called from Kingman, Arizona and we talked for over an hour. I’m sure glad I’ve got lots of minutes on my calling plan!

Later in the evening, Charles and Chris Yust stopped in and we talked for quite a while about the RV lifestyle, our many mutual vendor friends, and between the four of us we solved the few world problems that we hadn’t with Tom and Diane earlier in the day.

Today I plan to do the same thing I did yesterday; stay inside as much as possible. As I said, I’m feeling a lot better, but I don’t want to take any chances and wind up sick again. Hopefully in a day or two it will cool down enough that life can get back to normal.

Thought For The Day – No person is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow – Alice Walker

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  1. Glad you are feeling better!! It is beastly here too…already 90 degrees at 10 AM!! We have stayed indoors the last couple days too, working on our downsizing and getting ready to take some more to our storage unit when it cools down a tad. As we age we have to work smarter, not harder, eh? Knowing our limits is a wise thing.

    This weather is awfully hard on the animal kingdom too. We feed our “deck buddies” (birds and squirrels) out on our deck and keep water for them too. Often in the heat of the day when the deck is in shade, they come just to rest.

  2. glad to hear you are feeling better, this blasted heat is just to much. today here in Forest City it is only supposed to be in the mid 80’s with lower humidity. We can only hope the weather people read the things right. We move on to the Winnebago grounds today for the next two weeks for our 365 club gathering and then the GNR. Please continue to take care of yourselves and be 100% OK before you head east, their heat wave is suppose to be over today. Be safe on your travels. See you in Celina

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