How Hot Is It?

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Jul 052012

It was so hot here in Elkhart, Indiana yesterday that I saw two trees fighting over a dog! Now that’s hot!

It was 103° here yesterday afternoon. The basement air conditioner in our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage usually keeps it cold enough to hang meat in here, but yesterday, even with the curtains closed over our windshield and the window blinds closed, the best it could do was to keep us in the mid-80s. I went outside of couple of times to drop some trash off at the dumpster, and the breeze that was blowing made me feel like I was standing in front of a giant hairdryer.

It was a very good day to stay inside and write, and that’s what I did for much of the day, knocking out another 6,500 words in my new Big Lake book. Meanwhile, Miss Terry was working away at trying to master her sock knitting machine. It’s providing her with plenty of challenges and frustration. Our internet friend Karen Pfundtner sent Terry a video on the machine, and Terry found some more stuff on YouTube that has helped a lot, but it’s one thing to watch a video and something else when it comes to putting what you see into practice. But I know Terry, she’ll eventually get a handle on this.

Dennis and Cheryl DeNoi were parked a few spaces down from us here at Elkhart Campground, and we went down and spent some time with them in their beautiful 1983 Apollo Sceptre motorhome. The rare vintage coach looks like new, and was recently featured in a story in Motorhome magazine. We had a nice visit with Dennis and Cheryl, and really appreciated the tour of their coach.


About the time we were getting ready to leave, Al Hesselbart from the RV Museum showed up, because Dennis and Cheryl had invited him to dinner. I told them that if they feed him, he’ll never go away. Actually I should’ve told them to be very careful that he didn’t sneak away with their motorhome and put it on display in the museum!

Usually there are a lot of people out and about at the campground, but it was so hot that for most of the day it looked like a ghost town. People were only coming outside if they absolutely had to.

Don RV 


We did get a quick visit from Gypsy Journal reader Dave Curfman, from Jordan, New York, who came by to renew his subscription. Thanks for your continued support, Dave.

Last week I mentioned that Terry got new glasses, and several people wanted to see how she looked in them. Beautiful, as always!

Terry glasses

A while back I shared some photos with you of Big Lake signs that blog readers had sent me in their travels. Here is another one that my pal Sharon Del Rosario sent me from Oregon. Thanks Sharon! Big Lake Oregon Sharon Del Rosario 

It looks like this heat wave is going to hang around for a while yet, with more triple digit temperatures predicted this week. I sure hope it cools down eventually, because I’m getting cabin fever!

Thought For The Day – When one door closes another one opens eventually. But these hallways are hell!

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  17 Responses to “How Hot Is It?”

  1. Nick and Terry,
    Thanks so much for posting your kind comments about our RV. It was such a pleasure meeting you and Terry and we hope to see you on the road.
    Semper Fi,
    Cheryl and Dennis DeNoi

  2. We are just up the road from you near Kalamazoo. 104* on the 4th and predicted 100 today 101 tomorrow. And to think we leave Florida for the summers to escape some of the heat! It has been in the high eighties back in S FL.

  3. we were also very hot here in Minnesota for the fourth straight day, temps in the high 90’s but when we factor in the matching humidity it was a 104. Only saving grace was the fact we went over to my niece’s place for the 4th and they had a lovely swimming pool and a slight breeze that made it tolerable, the heat wave is suppose to break on Friday. We leave for Iowa today and it is suppose to be just as hot and miserable.

  4. Nick you are not only in regards to the high temps. We live in northern Virginia and air temps are expected to be at least 100 degrees for the next four days. Saturday’s predicted high is 107! For this area, that’s pretty insane. Maybe you can come East and make it rain some.

  5. Edit: “Nick you are not alone…….”

  6. Nick, I see you posting, typing 6000-6500 words for you next book. Just wondering, approximately how many words were in the other two books? Just curious how many words in the average book. Thanks!

  7. FYI, the high temp in Yuma for today is 102 and accompanying low humidity. Maybe Yuma will become a summer destination soon!

  8. Up in Southern Michigan (Jackson Co.) we tied a record 101 * on the 4th.
    Today they are predicting a high of 102 and 104 on Fri. Last night was the
    1st night we ever left our AC on overnight. Always before the fan over the
    bed kep us cool enough. Also, the humidity is in the 80% range.

    Our 4th of July activities included a pontoon parade on Lake Somerset
    with the pontoon decorated with flags, etc. and the Old Timers Band playing
    anything from America the Beautiful to Beer Barrel Polka. And they took
    2nd place for their effort. Great day!
    Stay Cool!

  9. That is a beautiful picture of Terri! I love it! And the glasses are sharp. I like the almost-rimless look. You’ve got one beautiful lady there.

  10. I love your end quote. I never thought about the hallways between the doors but that is spot on!

  11. We read the weather reports for Bar Harbor ME and Oregon and Washington every day just to psychologically feel a little better. It doesn’t work! Looks like this will be one of the hottest summers on record no matter where you go except for little niches here and there. Love Terry’s new glasses!

  12. Sandee, Big Lake, is about 76,000 words. The sequel, Big Lake Lynching, is about 100,000 words. I’m at about 53,000 words on the next book in the series now.

  13. Gorgeous blue sky, emerald green ocean and 62 degrees here on the Pacific coast in Newport, OR., at 2:20 PM PDT. More of the same predicted for the weekend. Just thought you guys would like to know.

  14. Thankyou for posting the picture of Terry in her new glasses. Very pretty!

  15. I like the new glasses and she seems to not age either…lucky lady!! Must have good genes!!

  16. Thanks Nick. I can’t wait on the new book!

  17. You’re in a cool spell, it’s hit 113 where I am in Texas and most days have been over 100. I think it was cooler today and only hit 98.

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