How Hard Could It Be?

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Jul 122012

A few days ago I wrote a blog about some of the strange, even silly, questions people ask us. A couple of people were skeptical and asked if I made those up, while quite a few more wrote to share some of the strange questions and requests they have gotten over the years. The one I really liked was from a fulltime RVer who has volunteered as a camp host at state parks and Corps of Engineers campgrounds. He said a lady stopped him as he was making his rounds of the campground and told him that the toilet wouldn’t flush and it was backed up and disgusting. He had to explain to her that it was an outhouse, and they don’t flush!

I got a request yesterday that would’ve fit right in with the theme of that blog. A couple wrote to tell me that our Ohio rally conflicted with their niece’s wedding and requested that we change the date until two weeks later in September so they can attend both events. I replied and told them that wasn’t possible, and they responded and asked how hard it could be? “The fairgrounds isn’t going anywhere,” they said, “it will still be there two weeks later!” I wonder if maybe their niece should change her wedding date to accommodate us? And the crazy thing is, this isn’t the first time someone has asked us to reschedule a rally on short notice. I guess inconveniencing the other couple of hundred people coming don’t count, right?

Speaking of the rally, I updated the schedule yesterday and it’s on the Rally Registration Page. Check it out, I think you’ll see that we have got a lot of fun and interesting seminars lined up. I hope you’ll join us in Celina.

A number of people have invited us to stop and see them on our way to or from Massachusetts, or to come by and visit while we are in that part of the country. We appreciate all of the invitations, and we’ll do what we can, but I’m not making any promises. I have been working hard to arrange a schedule of places to visit to gather stories for upcoming issues of the Gypsy Journal while we’re in New England, so we’ll have to see what we can work out with folks while we’re there. Terry needs to talk to her doctor in Michigan about her annual oncology visit before we know exactly what our travel schedule will be.

I’m looking at routes from Indiana across New York to the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. My Streets & Trips program routes me on Interstate 90 through Buffalo and Syracuse. Interstate 86 looks like an alternative and is about 50 miles shorter, but it looks pretty curvy on the map. We will be in a 40 foot diesel pusher and not stopping to play tourist along the way. Any advice?

We had some errands to run yesterday morning, and I spent much of the day writing. I had some things I wasn’t happy with in my current Big Lake book, so I went back and made some changes, and knocked out another 2,500 words or so by the end of the day.

A little after 6 PM we went to dinner with Tom Owen and Diane Rojewski, introducing them to King Wha, our favorite Chinese restaurant in the country. We had a good time discussing RVing, travel, and life in general. Back at Elkhart Campground we took a tour of their truck camper, and were really impressed. It’s mounted on a Ford F-550, and we couldn’t believe the space inside. It even has a slide-out. Tom said that while they were shopping for the camper, they saw many of them with two and even three slide-outs. That’s pretty cool! With the four of us inside the camper, it was like many of the smaller Class C motorhomes I’ve been in over the years. I told Terry that it would be the perfect rig to take to Alaska.

In response to a blog I wrote the other day about taking a cruise, somebody asked me why we want to do that when we have the entire country to explore in our motorhome. Hey, just because our life seems like a permanent vacation, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to take a vacation from it once in a while!

Thought For The Day – Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

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  1. Along the line of ridiculous statements/questions, my wife and I were hosts at a visitor center in Mendocino, CA for a few summers. Now most any route you take to get to Mendocino you have to drive through stands of very tall redwood trees. One exasperated tourist came into the visitor center one day and asked “So why did they plant those redwood trees so close to the road”? My all time favorite!

  2. I had skylights installed at my place last night and I don’t get why the people who live upstairs aren’t okay with this. Please help!

  3. What make of truck camper did you look at. I keep telling the little wife that we need to get one for a return trip to Alaska. We took a motorhome the last time and found it to be a little big for all the lake side campgrounds along the way.

  4. Nick, I-90 is a toll road which costs about $40 to cross New York. I-86 to I-88 connects back onto I-90 just before the Massachusetts border. It’s a pretty drive and would be just fine for your rig. We always take I-80 across PA to I-81 to I-84 which takes you to Hartford. Then we use route 2 to drop back down to l-95 through Rhode Island and onto the Cape.

    There’s a castle in East Haddam, CT and Mystic Seaport that would make interesting stories for the Gypsy Journal. Also, Newport, Rhode Island is a good spot for a story or two. Of course, you probably already know about Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Plantation in MA as well as President John Adams home south of Boston and the History Trail in Boston.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions about the route or trip – we travel it every year (grand kids in New Hampshire / brother in Maine).

  5. We have traveled I86 across NY and you will not have any problems with your rig. There are a couple of sections that the road is not the smoothest especially near Salamanca, NY where the casino is located (go figure). Before it became I86 the route was NY 17 and even back in the 70’s was mostly 4 lane highway.

    You will find the scenery very pleasing as you pass through the NY countryside.

  6. I used to travel frequently into MA on business. There is obviously an almost unlimited number of sights to see in MA. One of my favorites is Salem…famously (or maybe, infamously) nfor the Salem Witch Trials. There is the Salem Witch Museum and the Salem Witch House. The Witch House is the only building still standing that directly connects to the witch trials…it was the home of one of the judges at those trials. There is a tour that is very interesting and probably more informative than other venues about those trials and the people involved.

    Of course, there is also a seaman museum and other exhibits about sailing the oceans of the world. Naturally, Salem is a huge tourist draw, but there’s no other place quite like it.

    And of course, there is Gloucester, MA. It really is the home of Gorton’s Fish Co…and their factory is almost in the center of town. And Boston is practically a living history book.

    BTW, who knows what this is from: “He never returned, no he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned.” No prize…just the recognition that you’re at least as old as I am.

    And since I know you like to eat, there are tons of sea food places, such as Legal Seafood and No Name Restaurant on the pier…the fish chower is great. And, MA is practically the home of the submarine sandwich…and you can get it with anything. They even make a breakfast sub that has eggs and mashed potatoes!

    But don’t order “regular coffee”, unless you like milk and sugar. That’s what they call it!

    Have fun…and eat lots…

  7. Nick while I-86 is free it has some really bone jarring sections. If you take I90 the Thruway there is a Flying J just past Buffalo but Diesel is heavily taxed in NY.
    Have a safe trip,

  8. Truly amazing how important some people think they are!! Happy and safe travels and hope the rally is great for everyone. I had hoped we could make it this year, but probably not. Maybe next year!!

  9. I think you should think about making your Cruise into a minnie rally. If you get enough people to go you get discount tickets as the trip organizer. Just a thought.

  10. “He never returned,no he never returned” was Charlie on the MTA by The Kingston Trio.

  11. I hope the people who wanted you to change the dates of your Ohio rally are reading these comments, because that way they will see that some of us think they are self-centered idiots.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me either how self centered or just totally clueless some people are and these people vote.

  13. I was once on a plane from New Orleans to Detroit which had to be diverted mid-flight to Milwaukee due to weather. I still remember the look on the flight attendant’s face when the person sitting next to me (no relation!) asked if the pilot would land the plane in Cincinnati so she could visit some friends who lived there. It seems she did not know anyone in Milwaukee!

  14. Nick, I can understand why the lady wanted the dates changed after being at the rally in Celina last year. Katie and I had a great time and I’m sure that she just wants to have a similar time. It’s really kinda flattering, doncha think? Having said that, I hope she’s able to work her schedule around the rally for some later date just like the rest of the Gypsy Journal community.

  15. Lloyd wins…I believe the actually name of the song was “The Man Who Never Returned”, but yes, he was Charlie and the Kingston Trio sang it, back in the days of folk music. There is no “MTA” anymore…it’s now the “MBTA”. Too bad. Lloyd, you must be as old as me…who a real music afficianado!

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