Another Day At Home

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Jul 202012

We thought that we would get to play tourist yesterday, but the fast-moving storm system that came through the region the day before was followed up by a steady rain that fell all night long and well into the morning. Neither one of us really wanted to go out in that kind of weather, so we decided to stay at home for another day.

And it turned out to be a very productive day for me. I cranked out over 7,000 words and by the time I stopped, somewhere around 10 PM, I had completed the first draft of my new book, Crazy Days In Big Lake. I still have go back and polish up some things and check some facts, and then I’ll give it to Miss Terry to proofread. Once she is done with it, I’ll have it read a couple more times before I actually format and publish it.

Meanwhile, I have to do something about a cover. My friend and fellow author Dale Roberts designed the last two covers in the Big Lake series, but he is pretty busy with his own writing projects and is moving into a new house at the same time, so I think he has enough on his plate already. Hopefully, I’ll have something ready to go by the time the book is proofed and corrected.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that we had lost the signal on our rooftop satellite dish and couldn’t get it back after Wednesday’s storm. I talked to Greg White just before we went to bed, and he said to give it until morning and it might be back once things had settled down in the atmosphere. Sure enough, when we got up yesterday things were back to normal.

While I was busy writing, Miss Terry was occupied with some bookkeeping, a crochet project, and she made a wonderfully delicious dinner of garlic anchovy aïoli. There was a time when, if anybody would have told me I would eat anything with anchovies in it, I would’ve called them a fool. But it’s one of my favorite meals.

Later in the evening Terry made a wonderful blueberry buckle, topped with fresh whipped cream. I didn’t know what a buckle was. I used to have one on my belt, but I haven’t seen it in years. But as it turns out, this kind of buckle is sort of a fresh blueberry coffee cake with a streusel crumb topping and freshly made whipped cream. Of course, it was delicious too. I think I have figured out why I haven’t seen that belt buckle of mine in so long! It’s a good thing she doesn’t bake like this all the time (anymore).

Today, if the weather cooperates, we plan to go to Plymouth and play tourist. I hope I’m not a bad influence on all of those Puritans!

Thought For The Day – If things get better with age, I’m approaching magnificent.

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  8 Responses to “Another Day At Home”

  1. The weather here was quite horrific late afternoon and late into the evening yesterday too. About the worst of this year. Fortunately the electric stayed on!! The heat here is fairly fierce during summer!! Sounds like you made the best decision where you are to stay in too!!

    I make Peach Buckle sometimes too…quick and yummy. Have not tried Blueberry yet….oh, have sometimes mixed Peaches and Blackberry and that turns out yummy, though colorwise it does not appear to have Peaches in it!!

  2. Can you get Ms Terry to add that blueberry buckle to her recipe page? Sounds awesome!.

  3. Excited to know the next Big Lake book will be out soon. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  4. Will Miss Terry be doing any kind of cooking seminar during your Yuma rally? I think we could all benefit from her expertise.

  5. Anne-Marie, I’ll ask her.

    Cheryl, There will be a cooking seminar, but not by Terry. She has too many admin chores at a rally. And she is also very shy and would not feel comfortable doing a seminar. I’ve asked her to before.

  6. Nick, if either of you have time, compile Terri’s favorite (or YOUR favorites!) recipes into a hand-out and sell them at your rallies for a few dollars. Her recipes are very popular!

  7. Your next e-book (or actually Terry’s next e-book) should be a cookbook! I would love a book of Terry’s recipes and tips for cooking in an RV. How about “Miss Terry’s RV Kitchen” for a title? I bet it would be a best-seller.

  8. I just realized my last two comments have been book suggestions for you. I should probably just shut up and leave the book writing to you! You seem to have it under control. Sorry for being such a buttinski.

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