Jul 022012

Yesterday was a good day to be an author. At least, it was a good day for me, as an author. 🙂

I started writing early yesterday afternoon, and except for a couple of short breaks I kept at it until about 10:30 PM. By the time I finally stopped, so I could start working on this blog post, I had added a little over 6000 words to my newest Big Lake mystery. I wish I could type as fast as I think. Or, that the Dragon Dictate voice to text software really worked as well as the company claims it does. But, since neither of those are true I just have to keep pounding my keyboard the old-fashioned way, two fingers at a time. Maybe I should hire myself a cute little secretary I could just dictate to. No, that’s not going to work. I won’t even go there!

For the authors on the Amazon Kindle Authors Forum I frequent, the start of a new month is always both exciting and frustrating. It’s exciting to have a whole new month of opportunities ahead of us, and frustrating to look at our sales reports and just see a tan line where there should be numbers for books sold. But I was lucky, by the time I first checked my stats yesterday, I had already sold fourteen books, and as I write this, a little after 11 PM, the number is 40 books. That’s nowhere near the 1,000+ books a day I was selling back in December, but a sale is a sale, and I’m happy for every one I can get.

I was very happy with the amount of writing I got done yesterday, and then having that many sales to start the month off, but then I also received two excellent reviews, for Big Lake and Big Lake Lynching, which I have pasted in below:

"For me, BIG LAKE was an addictive and enjoyable read. Once I began reading, I found it hard to stop! The town of Big Lake seemed to have more than its share of excitement and problems, but strong, likable Sheriff Weber was up to handling the assorted villains and activities. The conflict between the sheriff and the mayor throughout the story was amusing, and a reader could easily sense the frustrations of both men throughout the book. I liked being able to witness the relationships between Sheriff Weber and his staff and the townspeople. The story had twists and turns which kept me interested and entertained, with loads of well-described action scenes which were easy to visualize. I loved this book so much that I immediately ordered BIG LAKE LYNCHING so I could follow the main characters into the next book. I just finished reading it, and my review will be the same – a marvelous action-suspense-mystery by Nick Russell. I would definitely recommend BIG LAKE and BIG LAKE LYNCHING to anyone who loves a story with enough energy to keep you attached to your Kindle for hours. Five stars for each of them!"

"I read BIG LAKE LYNCHING until my eyes ached. I kept thinking I would read until I got to a good "stopping point", but the problem was that there never was a good place to stop! Once the reading began, it was impossible to stop, because I had to know what would happen next. There certainly was never a dull moment in Big Lake, Arizona! As I said in my review of BIG LAKE, Nick Russell tells an exciting story with one surprise after another, and I totally enjoyed reading his stories."

Aside from dumping our holding tanks, walking over to Charles and Chris Yust’s motorhome to visit for a few minutes, stopping to let Miss Terry trim my hair and beard, and to eat dinner, that was my day. Like I said, it was a good day to be an author.

Thought For The Day – Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if a liar’s pants really did catch on fire?

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  3 Responses to “A Good Day To Be An Author”

  1. That is so good to hear. I am at the editing phase of a book and spent most of the day reading and making minor changes.
    I ended my day with more reading – Big Lake Lynching. Big Lake was pretty darn good and this one is awesome. I love the Rafferty crew and all the great characters.

  2. OK big question is when is the new book going to be done and published, I need my Big Lake fix

  3. I’m working hard on it Elaine. I want it out this summer.

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