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The internet is a powerful tool that has changed the world in more ways than I can count. From the comfort of our RVs, we can log onto the World Wide Web from wherever we may be parked and communicate with our family and friends, read the news, do our shopping, pay our bills, and more.

Here are ten excellent websites I refer to often that you can use to make your RVing life easier:

RV Park Reviews – This is a great way to check out RV parks and campgrounds before you arrive. It contains user-written reviews and a rating system, as well as a list of accommodations available. A word of caution here however, what you and I may consider important in a campground may not matter to someone else, or vice versa, so take extreme reviews with a grain of salt.

Casino Camper – We have spent the night in the parking lots of RV friendly casinos from coast to coast and border to border. Casinos offer large parking lots, security patrols, inexpensive buffets, and gaming too, if you are so inclined. Casino Camper reviews RV friendly casinos nationwide.

NADA RV Values – How much is that used RV you are looking at worth? What’s the trade in value of yours? The online NADA “Blue Book” can make you a more savvy RV shopper and save your lots of money.

RV Service Reviews – Being on the road far from home can leave you vulnerable to unscrupulous repair shops if you have a breakdown or problem with your RV’s systems. RV Service Reviews lists user-written reviews of RV shops nationwide.

Handgun Law US – If you travel with a firearm in your RV, this website can give you valuable information on the legalities of the states you are visiting or passing through. It also includes a customizable map to tell you which states will honor your Concealed Carry Permit.

Low Bridges – There’s nothing worse than cruising down some scenic highway and coming upon a bridge with a twelve foot clearance, and your RV is 13’5 tall! Originally designed for truckers, this website can help you avoid big problems when traveling in unfamiliar territory.

Free Campsites – Who doesn’t appreciate a free place to camp? You can find them nationwide with this handy website.

Volunteering – If you want to give something back, volunteering can be a fun and rewarding experience. This website lists state and Federal volunteer positions open nationwide.

Corps Lakes Gateway – Corps of Engineers lakes and waterways nationwide offer many comfortable, low cost campgrounds and recreational opportunities.

Speed Test – Just how fast is your internet connection, and how does it compare to others in your area. Check it out at Speed Test!

Thought For The Day – Doesn’t it suck when, after an argument is over, you start thinking of more clever things you could have said?

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  4 Responses to “10 Websites You Can Use”

  1. I’m comfortably sitting in a rest area somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania enjoying my morning coffee and reading my favorite blogs in our RV. I’m connected to the Internet via cellular data.
    These are all good links to check out. Thanks for the list.
    A word of warning, though; don’t believe everything you read and realize there are omissions and out-of-date information all over the web. For instance, we were just in Connecticut, and I can tell you from experience that low bridges are much more prevalent than any website reports.
    Looking forward to Celina.
    And miles to go before I sleep.

  2. Thanks Nick!

  3. Lot’s of good info – thanks Nick.

  4. Thanks so much for all the links!!

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