Yet Another Busy Day

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Jun 282012

Yesterday was another busy day for us. Is there any other kind? It doesn’t seem like it!

Terry had ordered a new pair of glasses from Pearle Vision in Mishawaka a few days ago and they told us they would be ready in about two weeks. But they called Tuesday  to tell us they were in. Now that’s fast service!

So yesterday we first drove to South Bend to check out a shop Terry had just discovered, called The Yarn Gourmet. As it turns out, it’s only a block from the commercial mail service we use to send out the Gypsy Journal. It was very nice shop and the owner and Terry really hit it off. They had everything from knitting and crocheting supplies to spinning wheels and looms. I’m sure they’ll be seeing more of us when we’re in this area.

From there we went to Pearle Vision to pick up Terry’s new glasses, and she really likes them a lot better than the pair she has been using the last couple of years. We both think they look a lot better on her too. While we were in Arizona the folks at LensCrafters convinced Terry to try bifocal contacts and while she really wanted them to work, they just weren’t doing the job for her.

From there we went across the road to University Park Mall to stop at the Apple Store. Now, this is going to make my buddy Greg White really happy. My iMac has a problem! For some reason it won’t read DVDs or CDs, or let me burn them. So I stopped to inquire about getting it checked out, and they gave us an appointment for this afternoon. Yeah Greg, you told me so. 🙁

When we got back to Elkhart, our next stop was the Verizon store. I’ve been happy with my Droid Incredible smart phone overall, except for the battery, which didn’t seem to be all that great to start with and has gotten worse over time. I thought about buying a new battery, but the darn things are expensive and since it had been a couple of years I was due for an upgrade according to my contract.

My buddy Cool Judy Rinehimer got a Droid Razr Max a while back and had a lot of good things to say about it, and after doing some research, one of the things I learned that it supposedly has the best battery life of any smart phone around. I hemmed and hawed a little bit, until the girl told me that yesterday was the last day that I could upgrade and keep our unlimited data package on the phone. I have heard they were changing pricing plans, and though the girl tried really hard to convince me that the newer, more expensive pricing was certainly to my advantage, I wasn’t buying that. But I did walk out with a new Droid Razr Max. Now I have to learn a new phone all over again.

Back at the campground, our neighbors Paul and Julie Dammers came over for a visit. As it turns out, Paul’s father, also named Paul, has been a Gypsy Journal reader for a long time. We had a nice visit and it was good to get to know Paul and Julie a little better.

While we were talking, another reader, a lady named Dot, stopped by to say hello. I’m afraid I didn’t get her last name, or if she told me, I forgot. I’m a very big fan of nametags. I think the whole world should wear them. I’m just not smart enough to remember everybody I meet, even though that seems rude sometimes. But thanks for stopping by, Dot. I hope we get to see you again while you’re here.

Thought For The Day – I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you’re an expert on my life and how I should live it. I’ll just shut up and take notes.

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  6 Responses to “Yet Another Busy Day”

  1. I’m glad you were able to keep your unlimited data plan. When I upgraded my USB aircard I lost the unlimited plan and with the extra usage of our visiting grandson we quickly reached our aircard limits. My Razr Maxx with the unlimited data plan is getting a workout using PdaNet and FoxFi to expand our home network.

  2. New gadgets are the best!

  3. Dear Rick,

    I agree. We all should wear name tags 24/7.

  4. The name tags should all read “Nick Russell”.

  5. I always think we should have our names tatooed to our foreheads.

  6. What?…no pictures of your pretty lady in her new glasses?

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