Jun 122012

If a guy has to work, I guess I’ve got about the best gig going that anybody could hope for. I get to travel around the country to interesting places that other people only visit on vacation, I can stay as long as I want to, they usually let me in for free, and then I get paid to write about it! Somebody said a while back that if we ever decided to sell the Gypsy Journal and retire, we’d have people standing in line with their checkbooks in hand.

But don’t worry, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. We are having way too much fun to stop until health or old-age forces us off the road. Hopefully, that won’t be for a very long time.

I spent most of yesterday working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, which will be going to press soon. Sometimes when we have been sitting still for a while I have to scramble to find enough stories to fill paper. Other times, like now, when we have been traveling around the country, I have a surplus of stories to pick and choose from. This means that I will have several very good stories in reserve for future issues.

Yesterday I reported that the Indie BookSpot had a nice review on Big Lake Lynching. I didn’t know until last night that both Big Lake and Big Lake Lynching are on their list of the 10 Great Indie Thriller eBooks for Summer 2012. I’m about to get a swelled head here!

This is our last full day here in Muskegon. Tomorrow we will drive about 120 miles east to the small town of Coleman to spend a few days with the lady who sold Miss Terry her antique sock knitting machine. She’ll spend some time teaching Terry some of the finer points on how to use the machine, and I’ll be busy working on the new issue of the paper.

When we’re done there, we will go to Spartan Chassis in Charlotte, Michigan. They do a 44 point chassis checkup for $100, and a lot of RVers with Spartan chassis have told me that it’s well worth the time and money. A week or so ago while we were in Kansas, a huge gust of wind hit us head on and it felt like it was going to lift the whole front end of the coach off the road. I’m not sure what happened, but since then our motorhome doesn’t seem to handle as well as it did before, even with the Safe-T-Plus steering control that we had installed a while back. We have looked underneath and can’t find anything loose or obviously wrong, but something just doesn’t feel right and I want to get it looked at by the experts.

After that, we’ll head down to Elkhart Campground in Elkhart, Indiana for a while. It’s our favorite hangout in the upper Midwest and feels like home to us. We’ll stay there for a while, get the new issue of the paper mailed out, then we will be off in search of new adventures.

Thought For The Day – If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t want to do something, you will find an excuse.

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  3 Responses to “If You Have To Work….”

  1. Now I have known for years the pen is mightier than the sword, but not even a sword can move Elkart, IN north into Michigan. Dang, Nick, you da man!

  2. Nick said: Somebody said a while back that if we ever decided to sell the Gypsy Journal and retire, we’d have people standing in line with their checkbooks in hand.

    My comment: there are darn few people who have the ability and knowledge to do what you do. Dealing with printers in different states, dealing with the USPS and being a darn good writer is just not a common package of skills you will readily find. But you won’t have a problem selling when the time comes because someone with the money in hand will think what you do is easy. Your challenge will be to know the best time to make the sale.

  3. 1. When it is windy in Kansas it is best to not beon the road. Aug of ’10 we drove from Alton to Barnes KS in a 50 mph south wind. Only did the drive to see some friends from my Army days who had just moved to Barnes. Wow what a drive that was.
    2. When our bus was the cover and center fold of BCM I was hesitant to post it anywhere but thought why not most of our friends wold never know if I do not. I said I was not wanting to brag and a friend replied that when you have done it is not bragging just reporting events. We are so pruod to know you 2 folks and have told hundreds of folks to read the Big Lake series. SO happy for you to be on these lists.

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