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Jun 292012

A heat wave rolled into the upper Midwest yesterday, raising the temperature here in Elkhart up to a high of 102° with high humidity to go along with it. It was a good day to stay inside with the air-conditioning on as much as possible.

We both had a really rough night the night before. As I reported in yesterday’s blog, I got a new Droid Razr Max smart phone, and it came with a nifty docking/charging station that I can use in the bedroom to turn the phone into a bedside clock. Well, that’s cool!

Except that just as we were falling asleep, this mechanical voice said “Droid!” We both said “What the heck was that?” and I told Terry that maybe the phone had finished charging and was letting me know. We just started to drift off to sleep again when the same voice said “Droid!” Darn it, that’s enough of that nonsense. I turned the volume down on the phone, rolled back over, and 20 minutes later what did I hear but “Droid!”? I pulled the darned phone out of the docking station, thinking that would solve the problem. Nope. 20 minutes later, right on the button, it said “Droid!” again. Okay, enough is enough, I turned the phone completely off, and left it off until we woke up yesterday morning.

I was talking to my buddy Greg White, and I told him about what the phone was doing, and Greg told me that’s why he turns his phone completely off at night. But I told him 35 years as a newspaperman would not let me do that. What if somebody needed to call and tell me that City Hall had caught fire or something? Greg said “Maybe when that happens, your telephone sends you a message that says “Droid!”” Funny man, that Greg. 🙂

I wrote about the problem on Facebook and a couple people told me how to turn off the sound and the notifications and the mechanical voices, everything except the voices in my head, but I’m used to them by now. We’ve been together a long time. Aside from that, I really like my new Razr.

I had an appointment to take my iMac to the Apple Store in Mishawaka yesterday, but between very little sleep and the hot temperature, I decided to reschedule for this afternoon. It’s probably just as well, since a power outage in that area yesterday really messed things up for a lot of people. I don’t know if the mall itself was affected, but from what I understood there were traffic lights out and other things going on in different parts of Mishawaka and South Bend, and I was just as happy to avoid all of it.

I did drive back to the Verizon Store, because they forgot to give me the 12 volt car charger that came as part of the package with my new phone. They also had not correctly transferred all of my phone numbers from my old phone to the new one. While I was there, I saw a cute toy that I just knew my buddy Greg would want, a little remote control helicopter that is controlled by a smart phone. The girl at the store said they will work with any smart phone, and since Greg has this thing for remote control helicopters, I almost bought him one. But they were out of stock, except for the demo model. Bummer. Get me all excited, and then leave me hanging. Kind of like a Droid.

Thought For The Day – Are you one of those paranoid people who checks behind the shower curtain for crazed killers? If you do find one, what’s your plan?

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  7 Responses to ““Droid!””

  1. We bought a remote control helicopter about a week ago, and it took my son all of about four minutes to get it stuck on the roof 🙂

    I think we are going to hit 100 degress in Georgia today. Yikes!

  2. Did you ask at the Verizon store about the Droid re-booting (the voice says “Droid” on start-up)? Does not sound normal.

  3. It’s been super hot up here in northern MI also Nick, 90’s for the most part. So there is no where to escape it unless maybe the mountains. and I’m not in the need for them yet!! Have a wonderful day guy!

    Oh and by the way, the Droid is a great phone, but wish it was a bit smaller. Did get a smaller holster than the first on which was an otter holster which made it indestructible kinda, but way to bulky for me.

  4. Do you use the backup assistant on Verizon? It backs ups your phone data every night, so you never lose phone numbers. If you change phones, It’s an easy transfer and will continue to update every night or however often you set it.


  5. I love my “droid” razr. I have the notifications set to tell me “droid” for text messages only. People think my tummy is growling when it goes off. The new phones do about anything you want, love the technology.

  6. DH laughed in sympathy when I read him your comments about the Droid Razor, but he loves the phone. I have his old phone, the Droid X-II, which I also really like. It’s my first smart phone, and it’s smarter than I am.

    It’s 63 degrees right now in Newport, OR, at 11:45 AM. It stays cool here all summer.
    Hope you guys enjoy the nice weather you are having.

  7. I love my Droid X!… I love that it’ll talk to me. You should be able to turn it off, the “Droid” speak, not the phone. Check in the Market Place or now they call it Play Store with Verizon, they have many apps to help with some of your issues. Do a search. Several that work for me… while at work, during the night, sleep in days, what phone #’s I will accept at night… they have a bunch of options… The ones I use are SilentMode (simple turn on/off/vib app) or Silent Time. The last one is very programmable even I can do it.
    Good Luck & Sleep tight.
    Oh! did I mention “free”?… always a good thing.
    A belated Happy Birthday to Miss Terry too!

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