Another Busy Day

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Jun 262012

Yesterday was another busy day for us. It seems like we’ve had a lot of those lately, doesn’t it?

We left Elkhart Campground with our Explorer loaded to the brim with bundles of envelopes containing the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Our first stop was the commercial mail service in South Bend that we use to send out the Standard Rate subscriptions. I think by the time we got all those unloaded, the Explorer sat an inch or two higher.

From there, we stopped at a Staples office supply to mail out boxes of papers going to the Escapees Mail Service in Livingston, Texas and to Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Our next stop was at the Elkhart Post Office, where we dropped off bins of first-class subscriptions that already had postage labels on them, and to mail off papers to our Canadian subscribers. While we were there, we walked down the hall to the passport office to drop off our passport applications and pay the required fees. We have absolutely no interest in traveling outside of the country, because there is way too much to see right here in the continental United States. But we want to take a cruise one of these days, probably to Alaska, and we will need the passports for that. Plus, in this day and age of Homeland Security, it seems like a passport is required to do anything from boarding an airplane to using a public bathroom. And if it isn’t that bad yet, just wait, they’re getting there! 🙂

We got back to the campground with just enough time for us to check our e-mail and reply to several that had come in and for me to take a short nap before our friends Dave and Jean Damon arrived. We visited for a little bit, then Al Hesselbart, historian for the RV Hall of Fame Museum, showed up at our door to join the party.

By then everybody was hungry, so we all went to El Maguey for dinner. El Maguey is Miss Terry’s favorite Mexican restaurant in this area, and last week when we arrived in town we went there for dinner as soon as we had the motorhome parked and hooked up. We were both disappointed in our meals, but we decided to give them another chance since we have always had a good dining experience there in the past. I’m glad to say that this time things were back up to the standards we normally expect. We had a good meal and good conversation with our friends that lasted long after the plates were cleared away.

We said goodbye to Dave and Jean at the restaurant and headed home. Al rode with us and came in to talk some more, and before we knew it was almost 11 o’clock. It’s true, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

And now that the last of the papers are in the mail we can breathe a big sigh of relief, and hopefully relax and play for a while. There’s been far too little of that in our schedule lately.

Thought For The Day – I wouldn’t have to manage my anger if more people would manage their stupidity.

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  4 Responses to “Another Busy Day”

  1. I encourage everyone to get a passport. When I was in the service years ago, we had to get passports for some of my airmen. In one case, his birth certificate name did not match his service name. (Mother vaguely remembered changing her mind a couple of days after the birth.) In another case, his children who were born in a GI hospital in Germany shortly after WW2 had no papers. In my case, what I thought was my birth certificate was only a certificate of a live birth. Get a passport while all of the principles are around! Gene

  2. Nick & Terry. While we agree out Country deserves seeing you must see Alaska by RV. We’ve taken four cruises up here, but we never saw Alaska as we’re seeing it now. And, to get here you’ll need a PP to travel thru Canada.

    Belated Birthday wishes to Miss T!

    Bob & Sandi
    (Homer, AK Elks Lodge)

  3. Where is bad Nick? Always enjoy your blogs.

  4. Randy, Between running the newspaper, running our rallies, writing books, and actually taking a few hours a week to actually live, there just are not enough hours in a day. I love the Bad Nick Blog, but these days time is at a premium.

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