A Busy Birthday

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Jun 232012

Miss Terry wanted me to pass on her thanks to the many, many people who posted comments on the blog, sent e-mails, or posted birthday greetings on Facebook. I don’t think she realized how many fans she has out there, but you all really made her feel special. Thank you.

We left Elkhart Campground a little after 10 AM yesterday morning to drive 75 miles to Allegan, Michigan to pick up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal from our printer. Several days of working at the computer for long hours putting the paper together had really inflamed my arthritis, and my hands were hurting all night, so I didn’t sleep well. We only got about 20 miles from the campground when I told Terry she was going to have to drive because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. So we swapped places, and I promptly fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we were pulling into the parking lot at the printers.

Terry and I were very pleased with the print job; it really looks good. Once we loaded all the papers into the Explorer, we headed for South Bend, Indiana, about 90 miles away, to pick up the envelopes from the commercial mail service we use when we are in this area. My nap helped a lot and I was wide awake, so I drove when we left Allegan.

We picked up the envelopes, and then drove to nearby Mishawaka so Terry could order a new pair of glasses at Pearl Vision. Since she had an eye exam a few weeks ago when we were in Arizona, she already had a prescription. But it still took an hour more to choose the frames she wanted, and to do all the paperwork to order the new glasses. They should be here in about ten days.

There was a Best Buy next door so we stopped to look around for a few minutes and realized they didn’t have anything we really wanted or needed. We also realized what we wanted and needed was food. There was a Logan’s Roadhouse nearby and Terry really likes their grilled salmon, with a grilled vegetable skewer on the side. I opted for a rib eye, which was okay but nothing to write home about.

Even in this age of Kindles and e-books, Terry and I love printed books and bookstores. There is a Barnes & Noble at the mall in Mishawaka and Terry said she wanted to stop and do some browsing. So off we went, like a herd of turtles. We spent an hour or so browsing, picked up a couple of books, and then decided we should head back to the campground, since it was already 7:30 PM.

We had only been home a few minutes when George and Linda Loutzenhiser stopped over to wish Terry happy birthday. We visited for a while, and then Dave and Pat Pisner, RVers from Iowa, showed up to extend their birthday greetings. We met Dave and Pat back when we were instructors for Life on Wheels, and it was nice to get to visit with them for a while.

By the time our guests left, it was about 10 PM, and Terry’s mom and dad called from Arizona to wish her happy birthday. She had a nice conversation with them, and then we had some of the birthday cake that Wayne and Marti Aanerud brought Terry yesterday.

So it was a pretty busy birthday for Miss Terry. Some people might say that it wasn’t fair that she didn’t get to just kick back and relax and be pampered all day. But we had a beautiful day together, we got to spend some time with some really nice people, and we had cake! That’s not all bad! Terry said it was a very good day, and that’s all that matters.

Thought For The Day – Never lick a steak knife.

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  4 Responses to “A Busy Birthday”

  1. By the time I could post a response to my Birthday wishes, it was after midnight, so I reposted it here. I’m sorry it was so late! It was a wonderful but busy day!

    Thank you all so much for making this day so very special for me!! You honor me with your friendship and I appreciate each and very one of you!! Please feel the virtual hug from me now, and when I see you, I will give you a real hug! This has been a wonderful day!!

  2. Belated birthday greetings to Miss Terry. Glad it was a happy one. Will you two be at the Fleetwood RV National Rally at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds on Wednesday to Sunday this coming week? Would love to see you there. We love the Gypsy Journal!
    Faithful blog reader,
    Norma (and Tom) Heck

  3. Nick there is a great used book store at the intersection of Grape & Douglas in Mishawaka. Located on the same corner as the Steak & Shake. It is just behind the Fitness USA in. We stayed a month at the Extended Stay Hotel on Main St while our RV was being painted at Precision Painting and frequented the book store a lot. They have all kinds & types of books

  4. Norma,
    We won’t be at the Fleetwood rally. Once we get the new issue of the paper mailed out, we are going to take some time and just relax before we head to New England in a couple of weeks.

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